Taking A Moment

The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.
― Henry Miller

great bear rainforest taking a moment 2 Great Bear Rainforest taking a moment

These are two of my favourite pictures from my trip to the Great Bear Rainforest last June. I’ve posted them before, but these jumped out at me again when I was looking through my photo library.  We spent a lot of time at this waterfall in an inlet that was difficult to get to which made it an even more special place.  We really had the time to stop, put our cameras down, and just drink in all the scenery around us.  Sometimes when I’m taking pictures I have to remind myself to do that.  Sure it’s great to have photographs marking a moment in time or reminding you of places you’ve been, but to stop and look around and remember how you felt when you were in that moment in time or in that place, is part of the experience, too.

Shannon Falls

These are the last waterfall pictures from my trip to the Great Bear Rainforest (and Vancouver) in June.  These falls are just outside Squamish, BC on the scenic Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler (I’ve been to Whistler once, and it’s on my list of places to visit again…I have a very long list of places to revisit!)shannon falls 2 Shannon Falls

My Favourite Bear

I see you

I love bears! This trip came to be when I googled “bear watching” back in November and looking to do something memorable to celebrate the “big 4-0” this year.  This trip was so much more than just bear watching, but to be able to watch bears munching on grass while being perfectly aware of seven people watching them from a zodiac was definitely one of the highlights.

To give you some perspective, this is how far this male grizzly was from us…

The inlet where we saw this bear (actually we saw three bears in this inlet) is protected from hunting, which is likely why the bears seemed comfortable with us being so close as they may have not had bad experiences with humans.  Trish and Eric, our guides, are fairly frequent visitors to the inlet, and have such a deep respect and admiration for these animals, so the way we approached them in the zodiac was always very slowly, quietly (we were strongly encouraged not to talk if we were in an area where we might see a bear) and on the bears’ terms.  The bears certainly knew we were there, but there was never a hint of aggression towards us being there.

To give you a little more perspective of what the inlet looks like and where we were when we saw this bear (and a female grizzly close by the following day), here we are floating back down the river. I love bears, but the scenery was pretty awesome, too.

Inlet reflection on a cloudy day

Morning Spent By A Waterfall

There are many waterfalls in the Great Bear Rainforest, but this is the one we got closest to.  In fact, most of us stuck our hands out to the feel the rushing water. We spent quite a lot of time here taking pictures of the waterfall and the meadow of wildflowers, but we all either sat on the rocks or stood and stared up at it for awhile, too. The thought that I was struck with was that I was in a part of the world that few people have ever seen.  This was the inlet where we had to time our entry with the right tide, so most charter boats don’t even try to enter.  We were rewarded with some very spectacular scenery.  awe awe2 awe3 awe4

Shooting Star

One of my favourite parts of the trip through the Great Bear Rainforest was walking in meadows of wildflowers (although sometimes the ground was very uneven and full of holes and I fell once – I’m kind of klutzy – and we were in an inlet that you could only get in and out of with the right tide so if I had injured myself I may have been medically evacuated by helicopter! But I got up very quickly and just pretended like it never happened!).

Anyway….the wildflowers were beautiful.  I’d never seen Shooting Star flowers before this trip.

shooting stars 2 shooting stars 3 shooting stars

waterfall meadow view of the boat from waterfall meadow

Fuzzy the Young Grizzly

This is Part 3 of my adventures in the Great Bear Rainforest.

We spent two nights at our first anchorage. This was one of the views…

beautiful spot to anchor - taken from the zodiac as we go looking for bears.

We found Fuzzy the three year old Grizzly Trish and Eric have been following since he was a wee cub (Fuzzy is the name they’ve given him).  He’s now weaned from his mother and is left to fend for himself (although we found his Mom in the estuary in the same inlet – pics to follow in a later post). Bears are protected from hunting in this particular inlet so they are not quite so skittish around people. Fuzzy seemed perfectly aware and content with our presence.  So, I felt comfortable, too. Trish and Eric have been visiting this inlet for many years and I’m sure the bears sense that they are a non-threatening presence.  It was a very unique experience to be able to not only have time to take pictures, but also to just stop and watch a bear in its natural environment.

Fuzzy is a little fuzzy here..but he's a beauty
Fuzzy is a little fuzzy here..but he’s a beauty
Fuzzy near the shore
Fuzzy near the shore
Fuzzy from the side
Fuzzy from the side
Perspective from the zodiac
Perspective from the zodiac