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a Thanksgiving Day walk in the park

Enjoying the fall colours and warm light in my favourite park (Rotary Park) in Regina on a beautiful, sunny Thanksgiving Day.

walking to the beach

There are a lot of beaches to check out between Sooke and Port Renfrew.  To get to most of them you have to walk through beautiful forests (downhill all the way, some of the uphill walks on the way back were a killer on… Continue Reading “walking to the beach”

Let’s Go For A Walk in the Woods Today

A collection of a few of my favourite pics taken while walking in the woods…

late Saturday afternoon walk

It feels like Spring has finally sprung here, so it was great to be outside with a lighter jacket, go for a walk and take some pictures.  These are some of the things I saw…

Sunset Walk

I’ve been experimenting in Photoshop lately, and these photos are the ones I’m willing to share…so far!  These are from a walk around Wascana Park in early October where the reward at the end of the walk was a beautiful sky at sunset.

a walk in the park

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols A few more colourful shots from my Thanksgiving morning walk in the park…

a walk around Wascana Lake

For a flat prairie city, plunked in the middle of nowhere, Regina is actually a very pretty city. When I moved here many years ago I certainly didn’t think it was, and didn’t plan to stay very long, but this is my home now.… Continue Reading “a walk around Wascana Lake”

beam me up

I was walking through Victoria Park on my supper break the other day and happened upon this scene.  These were taken with my iPhone and I planned to to take my Nikon to work the next day since my supper break was at the… Continue Reading “beam me up”

three photos and a poem

I’m not a morning person. I don’t jump out of bed, raring to go.  I gain momentum as the day goes on and tend to get more done at night.  However, I was in Maui last winter and found it really easy to get… Continue Reading “three photos and a poem”