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Downtown After the Storm

Healthy Mindset – Day 66-67 Yay! Finally, something that isn’t cancelled! A summer storm! The storm hit downtown at about 7pm tonight, and the clouds afterwards were amazing!

Rime Ice

I’ve lived in Saskatchewan my whole life (which means I’ve endured a lot of cold winters) and I’ve never heard of rime ice.  The pictures below are examples of it and I’m pretty sure most of us thought it was hoar frost (which is way… Continue Reading “Rime Ice”

a pretty walk through the park

Feathered with hoarfrost skeletal trees loom closer; fog shrouded arches. – Paul Brown

Holiday Wishes from Mr. Squirrel

Warm wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope, like Mr. Squirrel, you enjoy a few treats over the holidays….

art in the park

Outdoor art installations – such a nice idea!  A project between the Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina Downtown and the City of Regina… I’m not sure how long they will be up, but I took these pictures in late September and they are still up… Continue Reading “art in the park”


It was inevitable, but this is supposed to happen this week.  At least we made it to Halloween without snow….I suppose it’s kind of pretty…

Victoria Park winter scene

Winter can be very pretty, but I’m still anticipating Maui in March – one month to go!

hoar frost on a Sunday morning

I’m not usually out and about on a Sunday morning….Sunday mornings are for reading and drinking coffee, except for the one Sunday out of four that I have to work. So, if I hadn’t work today, I may not have gone out to take… Continue Reading “hoar frost on a Sunday morning”

Friday morning walk (in a winter wonderland)

It’s too pretty of a day not go for a walk…so of course I took my camera with me this morning…

A Colourful Day in Regina

Temperatures were above freezing here today for the first time in 2014 (at least I think it was the first time this year, it’s been a long winter!) and it was the Family Day holiday, so I spent the afternoon with my camera in… Continue Reading “A Colourful Day in Regina”