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Let’s go to the beach instead…

Kaanapali Beach Sunset Waves 2
Kaanapali Beach, March 2015
rainbow in paradise
another Kaanapali Beach pic – rainbows every morning
Kaanapali Beach sunset March 2015
the view from Maui Kaanapali Villas
China Beach, Vancouver Island
Los Muertos Beach
Los Muertos Beach, Puerto Vallarta

Sheringham Point Lighthouse

I was going through my pictures to find something I haven’t posted before and realized I never got around to posting pictures from a walk to the Sheringham Point Lighthouse (built in 1912) near Sooke on Vancouver Island from a trip there in June.

Sheringham Point Lighthouse 2 Sheringham Point Lighthouse 1Sheringham Point Lighthouse View Sheringham Point Lighthouse View 2 buddies


daisies at Orveas Bay

featured daisy one daisy three daisies two daisies

These are daisies at Orveas Bay Resort on Vancouver Island near Sooke (about 45 minutes from Victoria).  I spent about an hour one morning just wandering around taking pictures of all the daisies on the property.  It was one of my favourite memories of that trip (and I highly recommend staying at Orveas Bay if you’re ever visiting that part of Vancouver Island).

walking to the beach

There are a lot of beaches to check out between Sooke and Port Renfrew.  To get to most of them you have to walk through beautiful forests (downhill all the way, some of the uphill walks on the way back were a killer on the thighs!).

Salal, an evergeen, is the most common shrub in the BC coastal area.  This was on the walk to China Beach.
trail between Botany Bay and Botanical Beach
Trail between Botany Bay and Botanical Beach.
walk to Sandcut Beach
Walking to Sandcut Beach
walking to beach at Orveas Bay
Sun streaming through the trees on the walk to the beach at Orveas Bay

Shirley Delicious

To get to Orveas Bay Resort you take a left turn at Shirley Delicious if you are coming from Sooke.  Shirley is the name of the district between Sooke and Jordan River, hence the name Shirley Delicious.  This little cafe is a gem. We passed by it several times before we stopped in and I’m so glad we did. The service was very friendly, the cappuccino was excellent, and my panini was really good (I love cheese and it came with melted brie, it was so good!) but I was too hungry to take a picture (we’d just finished a long walk to the Sheringham Point Lighthouse). If you ever find yourself on Vancouver Island and you’re near Sooke (it’s about a 20 minute drive with really nice scenery), make sure to stop here!

Shirley Deliciouscapuccino at Shirley Delicious Shirley Delicious character




China Beach, Vancouver Island

These kids had such fun anticipating the waves and then running away from them, laughing the whole time.  The older girl never let go of their hands.  It was fun to watch.

travel musings

I always think of going on vacation and coming home kind of like a new start.  It’s a chance to take a deep breath, see new sights, maybe experience new things, and maybe even come home with a new perspective on something that’s been on your mind.  My suitcase is neatly packed the night before a trip, my carry-on carefully arranged with my cameras and extra diabetic supplies (my Lowepro backpack is awesome for that), and then it’s off and away with a hope that nothing will go terribly wrong on the trip (knowing that most trips have something come up that isn’t quite according to plan).  Of course, on the way home, my suitcase is packed in five minutes with everything thrown in haphazardly (but just remember to throw in a pair of clean underwear in your carry-on in case your plane is delayed over night –  that came in handy once for me…oh and put a scented dryer sheet in your dirty clothes bag – that tip is courtesy of my mom).

Anyway, I have a lot of pictures to go through, but wanted to post one today.  This is at China Beach between Sooke and Port Renfrew, with the Olympic Mountains off in the distance.  This was my favourite beach of the ones we checked out.  Most of the beaches we visited involved walks through beautiful rainforests to access the beach, the walk to this beach was also one of my favourites.