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Sunday Night in Paris

It was a rainy first day in Paris, but the rain made for some pretty picture taking opportunities…this is at the end of the bridge (Pont Saint-Louis) which links the two islands in Paris – Ile Saint Louis and Ile de la Cite.

You know you are having a relaxing vacation when….

I’ve seen hummingbirds before, of course.  But, added up, over the course of six days at Orveas Bay, hours were spent just watching three hummingbirds come and go at the feeder. I didn’t realize how entertaining they can be – they chased each other… Continue Reading “You know you are having a relaxing vacation when….”


These kids had such fun anticipating the waves and then running away from them, laughing the whole time.  The older girl never let go of their hands.  It was fun to watch.

featured daisy

Since daisies are my favourite flowers, I was thrilled to see so many wild daisies at Orveas Bay Resort.  One morning I spent about an hour with my camera just trying to capture them in different ways.  Here’s one… ….and to continue from yesterday’s… Continue Reading “featured daisy”

Lunch Spot

This was a scenic, unique place to eat lunch today! It’s at Botany Bay/Botanical Beach near Port Renfrew. There are two ways to reach it – you can take the rainforest trail until you reached the beach and then scamper up a few boulders… Continue Reading “Lunch Spot”


I work today then I’m on vacation for a little over a week – going to one of my favourite places, Vancouver Island.  This picture was taken near Tofino at Mackenzie Beach a couple of years ago.  That isn’t the destination this time, although… Continue Reading “vacation”

Sunset Silhouettes @ English Bay

English Bay in Vancouver is one of my favourite places. These shots are from a beautiful Friday evening in June where it seemed like everyone was just happy to be outside enjoying the longest day of the year, watching the sunset at English Bay. … Continue Reading “Sunset Silhouettes @ English Bay”

Maui Morning

It’s still cold here.  I’ve gone out and about taking pictures in the cold a few times, but I’m not really inspired at the moment.  So, I’m back to looking through my photo library and at this time of year, my pics from Maui… Continue Reading “Maui Morning”

Bow River

This is the Bow River at Bow Falls. I have pictures of the Falls on my camera, this one was taken with my iPhone. I never get tired of Banff. This is a good time to visit – its not overrun with tourists and… Continue Reading “Bow River”

Books In My Office 2

I have a vacation coming up in a week or so and am starting to collect books in my office to take on the trip. I’ll likely end up taking three or four after reading a few pages of each to make sure I… Continue Reading “Books In My Office 2”