a Tuesday sunset

When the temperature is -40 degrees celsius are there nice sunsets?

I realized during the last couple of weeks when it’s been so cold I haven’t paid attention to what it looked like outside. Like everyone else, I’ve  just been scurrying from Point A to Point B as fast as possible (without slipping on icy streets and sidewalks) to avoid frostbite on my nose and cheeks.

Finally, though, we are out of the deep freeze. It was above freezing today – I think the high was +3 and we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset!  I bet many people were outside with their cameras pointed at the sky tonight.


Waskesiu Sunset

If I had to choose my favourite subject to photograph, my answer may change depending on the day you ask me or what I thought were my most recent best photos….flowers, animals, landscapes and sunsets are all tops on the list. So, today, let’s say sunsets are my favourite, because how can anyone get tired of watching a sunset and I keep glancing out the window to see how tonight’s sunset may develop….

Here’s one from earlier this summer at Waskesiu in Prince Albert National Park …

Prince Albert National Park sunset - June 2016-2

Summertime is the best time

Three of my favourite sunset pictures from last year’s summer adventure….I’m on vacation again soon, so won’t be posting anything for a couple of weeks.  Hope to have some summer in Saskatchewan photos to share when I get back!

Elk Island SunsetElk Island Sunset 2

Elk Island Sunset 3
Astotin Lake at Elk Island National Park in Alberta – great place to watch a sunset

Northern British Columbia Sunset

Winter is when I dream of travel, start planning a trip and reflect on places I’ve been… this is a sunset in Prince Rupert after an unforgettable trip to Northern British Columbia and the Great Bear Rainforest in June 2013….I always try to have a camera nearby when the sun sets because you just never know what colours you’ll see…

a Prince Rupert sunset

Elk Island National Park (Astotin Lake Sunset)

Just a picture I thought I posted earlier in the summer.  It’s been a busy summer where other things have taken precedence over photography, so I don’t have a lot of new pictures to post.  When I have had the time and the inclination, the sky has been a smoky haze from forest fires. There was just no escaping it this summer, first from fires in Northern Saskatchewan in July, then just last week from the Northwestern US (plus it was very hazy in Montana from fires in Glacier National Park during a trip there on the first weekend in August).

Hopefully, the upcoming fall colours will provide renewed inspiration.

Elk Island National Park, near Edmonton, where the park is full of bison, not elk!
Elk Island National Park, near Edmonton, where the park is full of bison, not elk! It’s such a pretty lake, and the two times I’ve been there, has proven to be a beautiful spot to watch a sunset.

toes in the sand, watching a sunset (there’s nowhere else I’d rather be)

What’s better than sitting on the beach, toes stuck in the sand, listening to the waves, maybe seeing a whale off in the distance, feeling a nice breeze, and watching the sky change before you?  A sunset can be beautiful no matter where you are, but the combination I just described just may be my favourite way to take in a sunset.

In March in Maui, the sun sets at about 6:30, so we would try to get to the beach about an hour before that. I took these pictures between just before 6 and 7pm on Kaanapali Beach with the island of Lanai off in the distance.

Kaanapali Beach Sunset - March 2 oneKaanapali Beach - March 2 twoKaanapali Beach - March 2 threeKaanapali Beach - March 2 fourKaanapali Beach - March 2 fiveKaanapali Beach - March 2 sixKaanapali Beach - March 2 sevenKaanapali Beach - March 2 eightKaanapali Beach - March 2 nineKaanapali Beach - March 2 tenKaanapali Beach - March 2 eleven