Canada 150 – wide open spaces

I grew up in a house with a field just beyond our backyard, in a town that was seemingly plunked down in the middle of nowhere. It was surrounded by fields, and in one direction, beyond the fields were the Great Sandhills.  I can tolerate crowds, I’ve lived in a city since I finished high school, and I’m not sure I could live in a small town again, but I still am attracted to wide open spaces.  All of these pictures were taken near Regina, SK.

sunflower against a blue sky

sunflower against a blue sky

morning sunrise on the prairiesprairie sunrise 2

prairie sunrise

sunrise in mid-July

saskatchewan wheat field against a grey sky3land of living skiessaskatchewan wheat field against a grey skycanola field near regina 3Canola field near Regina 2wide openprairie roadsummer storm clouds on the prairiesclouds on the prairies-2asc_7116

at the right momentcastle butteprairie sunset


Saskatchewan Sky 4St. Nicholas Anglican Church 2pretty donkeys



bright morning sunshine

My last post lamented the onset of fall because it means winter is that much closer…considering we’re in the middle of a heatwave (31 on Thursday is the forecast!) it might have seemed a bit silly.  The optimist in me hopes we don’t have snow until late November (December 24 would be ideal actually), but the realist in me knows it’s not likely. So that’s why the bright, crisp mornings that turn into hot afternoons and warm evenings are extra special… hopefully we’ll have a lot of them this fall. Here are few more pics from Saturday’s bright morning sunshine…. central park sunflower3dahlia in bright saturday morning sunshine red and yellow yellow red and green

oh Fall, I hate you because that means Winter is coming soon, but your colours are beautiful

This morning’s walk was to Wascana Park to see if my favourite maple tree is starting to turn colour (it’s just beginning to), and along the way these are the colours I saw….

central park sunflower 2

Half the sunflowers in Central Park are still blooming… next year I need to remember to go a few weeks earlier when they are in full bloom. It’s not the kind of park you want to hang around in at night, but there are some really nice flower gardens in the park.

central park sunflower 1central park apple treebrown spots on yellow leaves

I'll have to keep an eye on my maple tree (yes I've claimed it as mine, but if you want to know where it is, I'll tell you!)...just a few branches have started to turn so far.

Just a few branches of my favourite maple tree have started to turn colour…

anxiously awaiting the colours of spring and summer

The sky is a brilliant blue today, and it’s a balmy -28 degrees (-38 with the windchill) and these Blue Rodeo lyrics (song is “Get Through To You”) are going through my head:

Looks like winter’s never gonna leave this grey town
I think it’s going to snow all summer

Okay, I know winter will end at some point, but once again, it’s a Sunday that is too cold to go out and take pictures, so I’m thinking about the colours of spring and summer today. I went looking through my photo library for pictures with bright, brilliant colours…

North Saskatchewan River sunset - iphone pic

sunset over the North Saskatchewan River

Cypress Hills trees

sun streaming through the trees – looking up from lawn chair in the campsite at Cypress Hills

flower in mom's garden

flower in Mom’s garden

flowers in Prince Rupert

flowers in Prince Rupert, BC

mom and dad's backyard

Robin’s nest in Mom and Dad’s backyard


spring walk in Wascana Park

sunfower in farmer's field

sunflower in farmer’s field in Southern Saskatchewan

sunflowers on a Saturday afternoon

Is there a more cheerier flower than a sunflower?  I don’t think so.

I took these pictures a few weeks ago on a very hot Saturday afternoon from a gravel road between two fields near Pangman, Saskatchewan (south of Regina).  The wind was blowing, so I had to sometimes hold the stems with one hand, while taking the picture with the other for some of the pictures.  Some were a bit blurry so I used the artistic effect in iPhoto to compensate for the flaws.

sunflowers blowing in the wind

sunflowers blowing in the wind

pretty sunflower in late August

pretty sunflower in late August

lone sunflower in the wind

lone sunflower in the wind

two sunflowers - artistic effect

two sunflowers – artistic effect

sunflower - artistic effect

sunflower – artistic effect

sunflower against a blue sky

sunflower against a blue sky