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a beautiful summer weekend

The weather was perfect this weekend.  It was cooler at the beginning of the week and I wore long pants to work and even uttered the word fall a few times, but thank goodness summer has returned.  These are a few pics from this… Continue Reading “a beautiful summer weekend”

love is…

This has been my camping coffee mug for years. It’s one of my favourite camping rituals, along with nightly hot dog and marshmallow roasts around the fire before bedtime.

Rider Pride

The Canadian Football League season is in full-swing now, and my team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders, is the best team in the league right now, after a sub-par season last year.  If you aren’t familiar with the CFL, it’s an eight team professional football league… Continue Reading “Rider Pride”

Summers Are for Road Trips – Montreal Edition

One full day in Montreal is obviously not enough time to even scratch the surface of all the sights in the city.  Most of the pictures I took are from Place d’Armes (including Notre Dame Basilica), Old Montreal and a few while wandering downtown.… Continue Reading “Summers Are for Road Trips – Montreal Edition”

Quebec City – Part Three

These are pictures from Lower Town in Old Quebec.  Like I’ve said previously, you can spend lots of time just wandering around Old Quebec.  You don’t really need a plan, just step out your hotel door and start walking (which is how most of… Continue Reading “Quebec City – Part Three”

Quebec City – Part Two

Old Quebec is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It’s compromised of Upper Town and Lower Town, and the ramparts surrounding Old Quebec are a National Historic Site of Canada.  These are pictures from walking around Upper Town.  If you like to walk and wander… Continue Reading “Quebec City – Part Two”

Summers Are for Road Trips

I love summer road trips.  My next one will be a camping trip to Jasper National Park in a couple of weeks.  Over the next week or so, my plan is to post pictures from a road trip to Ontario and Quebec in June,… Continue Reading “Summers Are for Road Trips”

Lunch Break Post

Just a quick post while on my lunch break. Daisies are my all-time favourite flowers. I’m pretty certain I’ve never quoted Drew Barrymore before, but she likes daisies too and said, “daisies are like sunshine to the ground.” Now I’m off to spend the… Continue Reading “Lunch Break Post”

Summer Bites

For today’s post I thought I’d share some appetizers I made for a Canada Day BBQ.  I wanted to make light, fresh tasting bites so I did a google search for summer appetizers and adapted these from various recipes I found. (You’ll notice I’m… Continue Reading “Summer Bites”

Happy Canada Day!

Note the Made in USA… We’re friends, it’s okay!