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Healthy Mindset – Weeks 16 & 17 It’s been an amazing couple of weeks for cloud photography in and around Regina. These pics are from about two weeks ago – standing in the middle of a gravel road marvelling at all the different cloud… Continue Reading “Clouds”

summer snaps

A collection of scenes and things that captured my interest in the month of July…    

Full Moon After A Spectacular Summer Day

Between 9am and midnight on Saturday, I spent a total of about an hour inside.  That is a perfect summer day in my books.  We are in the midst of a heatwave here (a thunderstorm with a good soaking rain would be most welcome).… Continue Reading “Full Moon After A Spectacular Summer Day”

into the storm

What a summer it’s been for storms on the prairies!  Here’s a shot of storm clouds from the side of the road near Gull Lake, Saskatchewan on Saturday morning.

What caught my eye this week

I took my camera out of my purse quite often this week…here’s a smattering of what caught my eye…

remnants of rain

Pretty crystals everywhere after the rain the other day…I don’t think it’s ever been as lush and green here as it is now…    

One of those lazy, hazy, heatwave days

Heatwave!  If you live pretty much anywhere in Saskatchewan this week and find yourself away from an air-conditioned environment, you’ll be searching for a tree to at least get out of the sun. Hard to escape the sweat, though, factoring in the humidex, it… Continue Reading “One of those lazy, hazy, heatwave days”

football players have the nicest arms

This is a bit of a silly post, but it’s summer, it’s hot outside, and I’ve been busy at work, so a little fun is in order.  The Roughriders may be 0 and 3 to start the season and the crowd at tomorrow night’s… Continue Reading “football players have the nicest arms”

wheat field on a dreary Saturday afternoon

As much as I’ve decided that I’m going to get outside more this winter and not complain about how long winter is (I just have to get up the courage to put on the skates I bought recently and go skating for the first… Continue Reading “wheat field on a dreary Saturday afternoon”

Saskatchewan Summer Scene

One of my favourite picture taking days of the year started with a mid-July drive in the country looking for the perfect canola field. And while the canola field was everything I was looking for, it’s the clouds that made it one of my… Continue Reading “Saskatchewan Summer Scene”