Favourite Day of the Year

Yesterday, when the guy at the greenhouse asked me if I was happy with my purchases as I was leaving, I told him choosing my flowers was one of my favourite days of the year. I planted my flowers today, and enjoyed every minute of digging my hands in the soil, so it’s one of my favourite weekends of the year! I kept to the plan and bought a lot of petunias, along with pansies, geraniums, dahlias, and a few others. (For anyone in Regina, I bought most of my flowers at Cedar Creek Gardens near the old Drive-In. It’s a family run greenhouse in their first operation. They were really friendly and helpful, and have big plans to expand so I hope everything goes well for them this year. They also have a booth at the Farmer’s Market.)

It’s debatable whether it it’s too early to plant, as it’s been a very chilly Spring (maybe by the end of the week there will actually be leaves on the trees!) but what the heck, what’s the worst that can happen?!

gerbera daisy 2014 more pansies 2014 pansy 2014 pink geraniums 2014 pink petunia 2014 striped pansy 2014

Lunch Break Post

It’s finally starting to feel like Spring, and time to enjoy the outdoors on my lunch breaks at work. Every so often, I’m planning to do posts of things I see on my walks. This is what I saw today. This is part of the Immigrant Recognition Sculpture titled Regina Lace in front of City Hall…


late Saturday afternoon walk

It feels like Spring has finally sprung here, so it was great to be outside with a lighter jacket, go for a walk and take some pictures.  These are some of the things I saw…

Legislative Building Powerhouse , built in 1920
Legislative Building Powerhouse, built in 1920

happy squirrel

backside of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building
backside of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building

SK Legislature Dome

Saskatchewan War Memorial
Saskatchewan War Memorial
gold balloon in Wascana Creek
gold balloon in Wascana Creek


Spring will come soon, the snow will melt, puddles will dry up, trees will bud, tulips will emerge from the ground…. But c’mon, more snow? More cold? Soon can’t come soon enough! I need new pictures to post here instead of posting from deep within my photo library! Bleak grey skies and dirty snow don’t inspire me to get my camera out.

So, instead here’s a picture of a daisy, my favourite flower.


Wascana Park Geese

Of the 75 or so pictures I took of the geese in Wascana Park this afternoon, these are the only ones that somewhat turned out (and all of them are cropped to differing extents).  It was cold and holding the camera steady while reminding myself not to shiver, proved very challenging.  My index finger is still red from the cold! Besides the cold, though, it’s always nice to be outside taking pictures.  Unfortunately, without a warm weather holiday, it hasn’t happened a lot so far because of the coldest winter on record! (This may not be a factual statement, and if it’s not, it has to be pretty darn close!!)

I'm hungry and it's all mine...
I’m hungry and it’s all mine…
Maybe if I curl myself up, I'll stay warm.
Maybe if I curl myself up, I’ll stay warm
Gliding over a still mostly frozen Wascana Lake
Gliding over a still mostly frozen Wascana Lake