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Favourite Day of the Year

Yesterday, when the guy at the greenhouse asked me if I was happy with my purchases as I was leaving, I told him choosing my flowers was one of my favourite days of the year. I planted my flowers today, and enjoyed every minute… Continue Reading “Favourite Day of the Year”

Lunch Break Post

It’s finally starting to feel like Spring, and time to enjoy the outdoors on my lunch breaks at work. Every so often, I’m planning to do posts of things I see on my walks. This is what I saw today. This is part of… Continue Reading “Lunch Break Post”

a grey April day

On a very grey April afternoon, I thought a shot of vivid colour would be nice…

late Saturday afternoon walk

It feels like Spring has finally sprung here, so it was great to be outside with a lighter jacket, go for a walk and take some pictures.  These are some of the things I saw…


Spring will come soon, the snow will melt, puddles will dry up, trees will bud, tulips will emerge from the ground…. But c’mon, more snow? More cold? Soon can’t come soon enough! I need new pictures to post here instead of posting from deep… Continue Reading “Soon”

Wascana Park Geese

Of the 75 or so pictures I took of the geese in Wascana Park this afternoon, these are the only ones that somewhat turned out (and all of them are cropped to differing extents).  It was cold and holding the camera steady while reminding… Continue Reading “Wascana Park Geese”

First Day of Spring

How about a little snow on the first day of Spring?


I took this pic on May 5 last year… And this one is from April 7 the year before (if I remember correctly after all the snow melted we had a big snowstorm the day or so before I took this picture). My prediction… Continue Reading “Grow”

It’s Always Getting Better

It was nice enough tonight to stand outside on my balcony without a jacket to take a few pics of the clouds I noticed while I was making supper.   Considering that the last time I saw something out my window I wanted to… Continue Reading “It’s Always Getting Better”

March is a weird month

March is that weird month when the sidewalks are treacherously icy on the morning walk to work and on the walk home you have to avoid all the puddles and slush. You don’t dare stand or walk on the edge of the sidewalk unless… Continue Reading “March is a weird month”