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storm clouds at sunset

This post could also have been called “When Clouds Attack” as the ominous colour of the clouds seemed surreal to me.  I took these pictures about a month ago after a storm that came and went very suddenly.  It was about 9 o’clock, and… Continue Reading “storm clouds at sunset”

Evening in the Great Bear Rainforest

Prior to the trip, I imagined spending evenings on the deck of the boat watching the setting sun with my camera by my side and a book in my hands.  Since the Great Bear Rainforest is fairly far north and the trip was the… Continue Reading “Evening in the Great Bear Rainforest”

when in doubt, take pictures of clouds

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” ― Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Birds I took a lot of pictures of clouds this week.  The first two were from my balcony… Continue Reading “when in doubt, take pictures of clouds”

fun with KitCam

It was a beautiful, sunny, cold day here and I had the day off.  As much as I’m tired and uninspired by the snow, I thought I should actually take some pictures as it is now officially being reported that we’ve had the most… Continue Reading “fun with KitCam”


I love my balcony because it’s a great vantage point to take pictures of the sky at any time of the day. I was going through my photo library and re-discovered this one that I took in September. I never get tired of taking… Continue Reading “Clouds”

Prairie Meets the Sky Part 2

prairie meets the sky

I love the mountains, but the prairies are beautiful, too. A lot of people passing through the province on the TransCanada Highway think there is nothing to see, but how can you not love the wide open spaces, fields upon fields, and endless skies?

moon shots

A couple shots of the moon from balcony this week.  I love my new camera!  

Maui – Land of Living Skies Part 2

This week’s theme seems to be pictures of the sky (other than a brief interlude with a post about dogs and Mr. Dressup), so I thought I’d end the week with photos from Maui in March 2011. “Land of Living Skies” is the slogan… Continue Reading “Maui – Land of Living Skies Part 2”

Cobalt – Part 2

Just a quick post tonight. Took this from my balcony at the end of April. I love the view of the night sky from my balcony.