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Sidewalk Messages Vol. 2

Healthy Mindset – Day 16 Who doesn’t like a compliment? As the weather gets warmer here, I’m looking forward to documenting even more sidewalk art and seeing more positive, hopeful messages like this. Looking for sidewalk chalk art in the neighbourhood has seriously brightened… Continue Reading “Sidewalk Messages Vol. 2”

Sidewalk Messages

Healthy Mindset – Day 13 On an otherwise very blah day, this made my day….I don’t know Auntie Chan or Leo, but I love that she can look out her living room window and see this message! We are not in a full “lockdown”… Continue Reading “Sidewalk Messages”

Healthy mindset – Day 3

I’ve seen a few different ways that individuals and families are trying to keep a sense of community while homebound like turning their Christmas lights back, sidewalk art with chalk or displaying hearts in windows. I like the the last one. When I went… Continue Reading “Healthy mindset – Day 3”

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