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During the busy Christmas season, it’s important to just chill-out a little, too, like Finnigan here….(However, I’m not sure he’s pleased that I got down on the floor, stuck a camera in front of his face and interrupted his quiet time).

lazy Sunday afternoon

….that moment when you are about to drift off and enjoy a nice Sunday afternoon nap and someone gets down on the floor and sticks a camera in your face…

three dogs at Christmas

It was a cold Christmas and the three dogs in my family didn’t go outside much during the frigid temperatures… Finnigan, my brother and sister-in-law’s Scottie, may have been daydreaming about warmer climates… like here maybe… Casey, Finnigan’s brother, just wanted someone to play… Continue Reading “three dogs at Christmas”

The Continuing Chronicles of the Scottie Dogs

I went to my mom and dad’s this weekend and the Scotties came along too (courtesy my brother, while my sister-in-law stayed home with the flu). The Scotties are always photogenic.  Here’s a picture of Casey in a quiet moment.  He just wants everyone… Continue Reading “The Continuing Chronicles of the Scottie Dogs”

the Scotties at Christmas

In June, I posted a couple of pics of my brother and sister-in-law’s Scotties, Casey and Finnigan.  I think they are particularly photogenic.  Finnigan is like the elder statesman, watching over all the proceedings, and Casey is like the kid brother who always wants… Continue Reading “the Scotties at Christmas”

the Scotties

Just for a change of pace from my usual posts, here are my brother and sister-in-law’s dogs, Casey and Finnegan. Names inspired, of course, from the TV show, Mr. Dressup (it ran on the CBC from 1967-1996).  I loved summer mornings as a kid,… Continue Reading “the Scotties”