wheat field on a dreary Saturday afternoon

As much as I’ve decided that I’m going to get outside more this winter and not complain about how long winter is (I just have to get up the courage to put on the skates I bought recently and go skating for the first time in over twenty years), I miss summer, even the dreary days.

I took a whole bunch of pictures in a wheat field near Regina on a dreary Saturday afternoon in late August – this is one of my favourites.

wheat field near Regina

land of living skies

Land of Living Skies is the slogan that’s been on Saskatchewan license plates since 1998 and yesterday’s sky lived up to the name.  Yesterday’s photography excursion was cold and miserable, but really enjoyable at same time.  I knelt in that field of wheat for a long time, taking pictures from different angles and trying different effects – you know you’ve found the right hobby when you get caught up in the moment and time seems to fly by. And then, half an hour later, the sky opened up and it hasn’t stopped raining since.

land of living skies