Sunset Silhouettes @ English Bay

English Bay in Vancouver is one of my favourite places. These shots are from a beautiful Friday evening in June where it seemed like everyone was just happy to be outside enjoying the longest day of the year, watching the sunset at English Bay.  I focused in on these two as I found his body language interesting.  A couple? Friends? First date?

perfect first evening of the summer

Summer solstice English Bay 2Summer Solstice English Bay 3Summer solstice English Bay 4

a beautiful Sunday afternoon

What a perfect afternoon for a football game. The temperature was about 22 degrees, it was sunny, and there was no wind (and when it’s windy at Taylor Field it’s no fun for the players, and fans).  The Roughriders have had an up and down season, and really needed a win this afternoon, plus it’s always a great game when the Calgary Stampeders are the opponent.  I brought my camera along to capture some of the flavour of an afternoon at Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field.

Touchdown Riders! (too bad I didn’t get a shot of the Ref calling it – still have a lot to learn about sports photography!)

mmm…..candy apple…sprinkles, caramel….what’s not to like?

This is my favourite picture I took today.

Riders win! (final score was 30-25)

If you’re from Saskatchewan you bleed green.

The sea of green leaving Mosaic after a win.

Havana, Cuba

A few years ago, I went to Varadero, Cuba for a winter escape.  We befriended some people there who took us on a day trip to Havana.  We ended up being there for only a few hours but this is where I really began to enjoy taking pictures.  These are some of the pictures I took of people in Old Havana near Plaza Vieja (the Old Square).  I didn’t love Cuba, but I would go back to Havana. The second last picture is of the couple who took us to Havana (and that is a story in itself)!