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a walk around Wascana Lake

For a flat prairie city, plunked in the middle of nowhere, Regina is actually a very pretty city. When I moved here many years ago I certainly didn’t think it was, and didn’t plan to stay very long, but this is my home now.… Continue Reading “a walk around Wascana Lake”

beam me up

I was walking through Victoria Park on my supper break the other day and happened upon this scene.  These were taken with my iPhone and I planned to to take my Nikon to work the next day since my supper break was at the… Continue Reading “beam me up”

colours of fall

These are mostly pictures I took this morning. I went for a walk, not really planning what I wanted to take pictures of and found a tree with brilliant red leaves. That inspired me to try to get enough pictures to do a “colours… Continue Reading “colours of fall”

Victoria Park On A Saturday Afternoon

Coffee break post

It’s a shame to be inside on such a nice day, but at least there is a park across from the library. (taken with my iPhone).

Neighbourhood Walk Part 2

All of these sights are in my neighbourhood.  I’ve lived in Regina for a long time now, and I’ve never really thought of it as a pretty city. (I think I may have said this in a post a few months ago, too!)  … Continue Reading “Neighbourhood Walk Part 2”