Old Quebec

When I was a little kid, we had to drive long distances to visit relatives.  I used to wish there was a fast forward button so we could just get there.  On this rainy, dreary April Sunday afternoon, I would use that fast forward button to go to Quebec City, specifically Old Quebec. I loved everything about it when I was there in 2010.  Every meal was delicious, the coffee was the best I’ve ever drank, and I loved the architecture. I can’t decide if I’d go there in summer or in winter for the annual Quebec Winter Carnival. I think that would be a pretty time to visit, too.

Old Quebec 1 Old Quebec 2 Old Quebec 3 Old Quebec 4 Old Quebec 6 Old Quebec 7 Old Quebec



Quebec City – Part Three

These are pictures from Lower Town in Old Quebec.  Like I’ve said previously, you can spend lots of time just wandering around Old Quebec.  You don’t really need a plan, just step out your hotel door and start walking (which is how most of my vacations end up – just a general plan and then see how the day unfolds).

The three bunnies on the sign on the left side of the picture are at the entrance to Le Lapin Saute restaurant.  Yes, rabbit is featured prominently on the menu.  I had the salmon which I remember saying was the best salmon I’ve ever had.  I tried rabbit once and have to admit I actually liked it, and that bothered me.

I’ve played around with these last three pictures quite a bit – this just happens to be the latest versions of them.

Quebec City – Part Two

Old Quebec is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It’s compromised of Upper Town and Lower Town, and the ramparts surrounding Old Quebec are a National Historic Site of Canada.  These are pictures from walking around Upper Town.  If you like to walk and wander and admire beautiful surroundings this is a perfect place to visit.  I would love to visit during the Quebec Winter Carnival which happens in February every year.

Summers Are For Road Trips – Quebec City

I love Quebec City, specifically Old Quebec.  I’ve never been to Europe, but I imagine it’s like being in a European city. Founded in 1608, it’s one of North America’s oldest cities. The Chateau Frontenac is reported to be one of the most photographed hotels in the world.  I took my fair share of pictures.

Chateau Frontenac at dusk

Statue of Samuel de Champlain who founded Quebec City in 1608

Chateau Frontenac from a boat tour of the St. Lawrence River


If you are planning a trip to Quebec City, I highly recommend this hotel.  The location in Upper Old Quebec is perfect.  You can walk everywhere you want to go.  There are so many excellent restaurants, cafes, and shops in Old Quebec (or you can just wander the streets for hours admiring the architecture).  The people were friendly, the food was so good, the coffee was the best I’ve ever tasted, it was just an all-around excellent experience. I tried to use some of my high school French, but when the server responded in English, I took that as a sign that maybe I should stick to my first language!

Here’s the website for the hotel: http://www.hvq.com/