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Waskesiu Sunset

If I had to choose my favourite subject to photograph, my answer may change depending on the day you ask me or what I thought were my most recent best photos….flowers, animals, landscapes and sunsets are all tops on the list. So, today, let’s…

Island Lake Lodge

I enjoy planning trips – I like doing the research just as much as actually going on the trip.  Usually the trips are planned well in advance, but this one was planned with about two weeks notice – a look at work schedules and…

a little creature in a big world

While I put together a longer post with pictures of a place that according to their website National Geographic Traveler Magazine called one of the most unique and authentic places to stay in Canada, here’s a pic I snapped of a little creature lucky…

simple things

I always have a camera in my bag (well, two if you count my phone)…but these are the results of actually taking a camera out of my bag!  Work has been a little stressful, and as an antidote to that stress, I’ve been taking…

cherry blossoms in nice light

Just some pretty cherry blossom pictures… nature is a pretty wondrous thing!        

let’s go for a walk in the park and listen to the leaves crunching under our feet


Just something silly for a Sunday morning….my collection of squirrel pictures. They are entertaining little creatures!