summer snaps

A collection of scenes and things that captured my interest in the month of July…

bubbly hot day

flock of pelicans
flock of pelicans over Wascana Park
Claybank bricks
at Claybank Brick Plant, lots of cool things to photograph here…

I was a safe distance away….it didn’t want to move. It was also 35 degrees celsius that day and there was no shade in sight. Its family was laying in the grass on the other side of the road.

roof amongst canola
a roof in a field?
watching the clouds change colour
summer night in the city, watching the sky

tropical kingfisher?

Every morning in Puerto Vallarta while enjoying a cup of coffee, I’d have my camera ready to take pictures of activity in Banderas Bay – sometimes it was a cruise ship coming into port or fishing boats, but a lot of times I was trying to capture all the different birds that landed in view of the balcony.

I think this is a tropical kingfisher, but please correct me if I’m wrong.

tropical kingbird-2tropical kingbird?kingfish marina vallarta

Finlayson Island

October’s weather has been nothing short of spectacular throughout Saskatchewan. The petunias are still blooming on my balcony and my cherry tomato plant is still producing – and the number of days I’ve had to wear socks this month is in the single digits!

I was in Battleford on the weekend and went to Finlayson Island for a walk with my Mom and Dad and Max the poodle on Saturday morning.  I enjoyed the walk, but the pics I took were nothing special so I decided to have a bit of fun adding different filters and effects to try to make them more interesting.

Finlayson Island 1 Finlayson Island 2 Finlayson Island 3


I’ve shared these pics before, but I watched a great DisneyNature documentary the other night called Bears which made me go back and look at pictures I took in the Great Bear Rainforest last year. If you like nature documentaries and/or bears you will enjoy this film. The filmmakers captured amazing footage of a mother and her two cubs (and other bears as well), and the scenery in Alaska is spectacular.

To watch bears in their own surroundings is a special experience.  They were aware of our presence in the zodiac, but seemed relaxed and calm, and not threatened.

Great Bear Rainforest 3Great Bear Rainforest 4Great Bear Rainforest 6Great Bear Rainforest 2Great Bear Rainforest 1