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Mount Rundle

Thought I shared this one already, but here’s Mount Rundle in Banff. We stayed at the Tunnel Mountain Trailer Park campground in July with Mount Rundle as the view. Can’t beat that!

clouds in nice light in Banff

A similar pic to the last one I posted of clouds from Sulphur Mountain in Banff, but I liked the light so much I wanted to share another one.

clouds from Sulphur Mountain

I took a lot of cloud pictures in Banff, this one is the view from Sulphur Mountain.

Mount Norquay and the Bow River

I’m excited to upload my pictures tomorrow and see how they turned out…but here’s one more iPhone pic from a few days ago.

Mt. Rundle and the Hoodoos

Day two in Banff was a nice lazy morning and early afternoon, followed by watching the Canada Day Parade on Banff Avenue and then sightseeing around Banff after supper. Here’s Mt. Rundle and the Hoodoos…

Bow Lake

This is the first full day of my annual camping adventure with Mom and Dad – this year we’re in Banff. We spent the day driving towards the Columbia Icefields and stopping for any promising photo opportunities. I’ll have a picture of a black… Continue Reading “Bow Lake”

happy place

Some days you just need your happy place.  I have a few..


It was easy to take reflection pictures, when the water was so calm.

Chocolate Lilies

Many of the inlets we visited were full of beautiful wild flowers, some of which I’d never seen before…like the chocolate lily.

My Great Bear Rainforest Adventure – Part 1

I turned 40 a few months ago.  I spent a lot of year 39 thinking about turning 40 and wanted to mark the occasion with something memorable. Last November, I googled “bear watching” as I’ve loved (and been terrified) of bears since I was… Continue Reading “My Great Bear Rainforest Adventure – Part 1”