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up on the roof

Still have some Puerto Vallarta pics to share which is a good thing! Between being busy at work and figuring out how I’m going to handle my workload, and being uninspired by the April landscapes this year, I haven’t picked up a camera in… Continue Reading “up on the roof”

walking in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a wonderful city.  It also made me mad, sometimes!  (Mad, might be too strong a word).  But, the great thing about travel is it makes you adapt.  You can’t think things are going to be like they are at home.  That’s… Continue Reading “walking in Puerto Vallarta”

Los Muertos Beach

It’s snowing here….again. We’ve had more snow this month than we had all last winter.  I don’t mind the snow, I think it’s quite pretty, in fact. A few months from now, though, I’ll be ready for a winter escape.  This is a pic… Continue Reading “Los Muertos Beach”

a trio of sunsets

A trio of sunsets from a trip to Puerto Vallarta in March… The view from the Vista Grill in the Alta Vista neighbourhood of Puerto Vallarta with a spectacular view of Banderas Bay. Sunset sail around Banderas Bay (this was the highlight of the… Continue Reading “a trio of sunsets”