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Road Trippin’ 2014

I’m in the midst of planning a road trip for late spring along the West Coast of the US ending up in Wine Country…of course!  I always take pictures from the car and here’s a sampling of my road collection….

grey morning

It’s a grey morning here today… it matches the sky in these pictures from my trip to Banff at the end of October. These were taken on the drive from Kananaskis to Banff which is really scenic (even on a dull, grey, snowy morning).

hi there!

Back from my vacation and have one more day off to do laundry, groceries…all the usual post vacation tasks.  I just started going through my pictures and wanted to share this one…this little guy popped his head up, just waiting to get his picture… Continue Reading “hi there!”

Mid-morning walk in Kananaskis