Just go!

Posts have been few and far between for a number of different reasons, but quietly in the background, a trip to Paris has been planned! It’s getting very close to lift off, and I hope to have many pictures to share in the weeks to come.

somewhere over Minnesota, March 2016

Everyone I’ve talked to about Paris seems to have a strong opinion. It’s beautiful! The food was amazing! Wine is cheap! Paris in the Spring! You’ll love it! People are rude! Dog poop is everywhere! I would never go back!  I’ve tried to take those opinions with a grain of salt because travel is very personal, What one person thinks is an amazing destination, is on another person’s “I would never go there!” list.  (Jamaica is on that list for me.) My only travel advice is if you want to go somewhere, just go!

I thought it would be fun to pick just one photo from each of the last few trips to capture what I liked the most about each one.

Elk Island National Park, near Edmonton Alberta, Summer 2017 (one of the best places to watch a sunset!)


Puerto Vallarta, Banderas Bay, March 2017


Island Lake Lodge, August 2016 for a classic Canadian wilderness scene.
Prince Albert National Park, June 2016 (another classic Canadian wilderness scene)
New Orleans, March 2016. This was a hard one because I pretty much love everything about New Orleans. But one of my favourite things was walking along Royal Street at night in the French Quarter to take pictures of the window displays. This was in the window of the Red Truck Gallery.
Jasper National Park, July 2015. I love talking animal pictures.
Watching surfers, Maui, March 2105
This is not far from home at all…near Regina, summer 2015
Butchart Gardens, Victoria, BC, June 2014
…and still one of my favourite pictures I’ve ever taken…Great Bear Rainforest, June 2013

All of these pictures make me realize I’m very lucky to be able to travel and to see and experience many different places.

the cutest thing you’ve seen today!

Sometimes it pays to be patient.  Three years ago when I went to Jasper on the annual camping adventure with my parents, I really wanted to get a picture of a mountain goat, just because I didn’t have one and I like taking pictures of animals.  It’s good to have goals, but no mountain goats were seen on that trip. I ended up buying an art print of a mountain goat at a store in Jasper, instead.

But, maybe this year! We were driving to Miette Hot Springs one afternoon and happened on some mountain goats grazing on the side of the road. Of course, we pulled over (because isn’t that what every tourist does when they see wild animals on the side of the road in a national park?!) The goats were across the road and my dad and I were standing beside a cliff taking pictures when I heard rocks falling. I looked up and saw these two little kids:

Mountain goat kids Jasper
Look at that face! Those ears!

They were attempting to make their way down (mom was likely across the road), but I don’t think they ever did.

Mountain Goat Kid Jasper
What a ham!
Hey! Mountain Goat Kids JasperJPG
Yup, still checking you out!
Mom! mountain goat kid jasper
We could use a little help, Mom!

So, now does anyone know of any owl hotspots in Western Canada?  That’s the next one on my list!!

a trip to the camera store in Jasper…

This is one of my favourite pics I took while camping in Jasper National Park.  After supper one night, we drove from Whistlers Campground to Jasper to check out the camera store.  It was closed, so we decided to go on an evening wildlife viewing drive in the Jasper Park Lodge area. While leaving town, this was the view from the rail yard…

Jasper Railway tracks

We saw a bear and a lot of elk while driving in the Lake Edith/Lake Annette area…

bear near Lake Annette Elk at Lake Annette 2 Elk at Lake Annette

It had been raining, but on the return trip, the rain turned into a very light sprinkle, and this beautiful rainbow emerged…

Jasper rainbow

So, while the trip to the camera store was unsuccessful, our evening drive was one of our most scenic of the trip.  All these pics were taken in the span of about an hour!

Maligne Lake boat house

Of the sightseeing we did in Jasper, Maligne Lake was my favourite stop. I think I may even prefer it to Lake Louise which I wasn’t expecting. It’s still a very touristy spot, but has a more relaxed atmosphere, and of course, the scenery is beautiful. The bonus of a cloud-filled sky made for pretty photo ops. I’ll be excited to upload the pics from my cameras when I get home, but here’s another iPhone pic for now.