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Regina Floral Conservatory

The best antidote for a cold winter’s day is a visit to the Regina Floral Conservatory.  Granted, Saturday was the first time I’ve ever been there, but for an hour it was easy to forget that it was the beginning of February and minus… Continue Reading “Regina Floral Conservatory”

Maligne Lake boat house

Of the sightseeing we did in Jasper, Maligne Lake was my favourite stop. I think I may even prefer it to Lake Louise which I wasn’t expecting. It’s still a very touristy spot, but has a more relaxed atmosphere, and of course, the scenery… Continue Reading “Maligne Lake boat house”

Maligne Lake

Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park…black bears galore on the drive up!  

before the leaves fall

Sunday was a beautiful day, quite likely the last summery day of the year (I hope I’m proved wrong!). It seems like overnight the leaves have started to turn, so I wanted to share some iPhone pics from Sunday morning when everything still looked… Continue Reading “before the leaves fall”

coffee break sunset

Thursday night’s sunset was quite dramatic. I just happened to be outside on my coffee break when it was at its peak, so I walked in the direction of City Hall and snapped these pics with my iPhone…


Back in Saskatchewan now, but earlier in the day we passed through Drumheller, the heart of the Canadian Badlands, and stopped at the Hoodoos for one last touristy photo op of the trip. The photos I’ve posted this week were all taken with my… Continue Reading “Hoodoos”

Lunch Break Post

It’s finally starting to feel like Spring, and time to enjoy the outdoors on my lunch breaks at work. Every so often, I’m planning to do posts of things I see on my walks. This is what I saw today. This is part of… Continue Reading “Lunch Break Post”