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let’s watch a tropical sunset

It’s been one of the mildest winters in Saskatchewan in many years. I don’t have the usual longing to escape somewhere warm, but if given the chance, who wouldn’t want to watch a sunset in a tropical locale….

the beach

Let’s go to the beach and stick our toes in the sparkling sand and watch the setting sun and the heaving and sighing of the waves and the golden ribbon on the water that disappears into the horizon…

toes in the sand, watching a sunset (there’s nowhere else I’d rather be)

What’s better than sitting on the beach, toes stuck in the sand, listening to the waves, maybe seeing a whale off in the distance, feeling a nice breeze, and watching the sky change before you?  A sunset can be beautiful no matter where you… Continue Reading “toes in the sand, watching a sunset (there’s nowhere else I’d rather be)”

my bliss

My favourite think about this trip to Maui was sitting on the beach and watching the sun set so I thought I’d try something different and post a video of Monday night’s sunset at Kaanapali Beach.  After uploading all my pictures, I see a… Continue Reading “my bliss”