Favourite Day of the Year

Yesterday, when the guy at the greenhouse asked me if I was happy with my purchases as I was leaving, I told him choosing my flowers was one of my favourite days of the year. I planted my flowers today, and enjoyed every minute of digging my hands in the soil, so it’s one of my favourite weekends of the year! I kept to the plan and bought a lot of petunias, along with pansies, geraniums, dahlias, and a few others. (For anyone in Regina, I bought most of my flowers at Cedar Creek Gardens near the old Drive-In. It’s a family run greenhouse in their first operation. They were really friendly and helpful, and have big plans to expand so I hope everything goes well for them this year. They also have a booth at the Farmer’s Market.)

It’s debatable whether it it’s too early to plant, as it’s been a very chilly Spring (maybe by the end of the week there will actually be leaves on the trees!) but what the heck, what’s the worst that can happen?!

gerbera daisy 2014 more pansies 2014 pansy 2014 pink geraniums 2014 pink petunia 2014 striped pansy 2014

the lowly petunia

I used to think petunias were boring.  When I first started planting flowers on my balcony,  I would choose plants at the greenhouse that were more interesting and prettier – gerbera daisies, garden mums, fuchsias and a host of flowers that bloomed once and never again. I was attracted to the flash of colour and the image of summer long blooms, so I eagerly added those to my cart. And, yes they were pretty when they flowered, but I began to appreciate those flowers with more staying power – petunias and pansies and marigolds bloom forever. After such a long winter and a chilly, grey, blah blah blah spring, I want something solid and dependable that will deliver colour all summer long.  Petunias fit the bill.  Sure, I’ll likely be unable to resist a gerbera daisy or two, but the lowly petunia will be front and centre this year.

(I really want to to get my hands in some dirt, instead of frivolously musing about the merits of the lowly petunia!!!)  🙂

petunias petunias2 striped petunias yellow petuniasSeptember28






I took this pic on May 5 last year…

May 5, 2013

And this one is from April 7 the year before (if I remember correctly after all the snow melted we had a big snowstorm the day or so before I took this picture).

April 7, 2012

My prediction is this year’s pic will be somewhere in between those dates…can’t wait to see things growing again.

Build Me Up Buttercup

…and just like that we are into Spring, actually Summer-like, temperatures.  It’s been a beautiful few days here and suddenly the never-ending winter is a thing of the past. We melted at work today and are hopeful tomorrow will be a bit cooler inside (I’m definitely not complaining about the outside temperature!) otherwise we may be checking out books in our bathing suits!

I was at Lowe’s yesterday and even though it may be a bit early to start planting here, I picked up a six pack of petunias and a Persian buttercup plant because I had to get my hands in some soil.  I also planted the lettuce and spinach seeds I bought last weekend and a couple of different kinds of basil.  I have a feeling it could be a different kind of summer here, since it was definitely a different kind of winter, so it’s best to enjoy the good weather when it’s here!

The Persian buttercup is my new favourite flower…hopefully I can find a few different colours when I do the rest of my flower shopping in a week or so.

buttercup buttercup2 buttercup3



When I went grocery shopping the other day I picked up some lettuce and spinach seeds. It finally is starting to feel like spring (although there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow) and just having the seeds in my possession is giving me hope that, yes, maybe this never-ending winter will actually end.

So, here is a pic of lettuce from last year’s crop and a couple of pics of petunias on my balcony on a very bright June day last year.  Hopefully, we’ll see a few of those days this year.  Especially, on August 14th, when Paul McCartney is in town on his latest tour!  Really looking forward to sitting outside on a warm summer’s night and listening to some great music.  But if it rains, I’m prepared too!  My big adventure trip is coming up soon (I’ll be writing more about it more in the upcoming weeks) and I’m all geared up with rain pants and a new rain jacket, even some long underwear.  I’ve been a prairie girl my whole life and I’ve never owned a pair of long johns until now!

For now, though, I’m starting to think about what I want to grow on my balcony this year.

lettuce on my balcony petunias on a bright June day 2 petunias on a bright June day

dahlias three ways

Did you know that dahlias are the national flower of Mexico? I don’t remember seeing any dahlias in Puerto Vallarta in March, but then again I don’t think I took any flower pictures there.  It was more about eating good food, sticking my toes in the sand and taking sunset pictures. Summer is still in full swing here so I don’t need to start thinking about a tropical getaway just yet. Yet being the important word.  I love Saskatchewan in January actually, but by the end of February, I’m ready for a break. (This really was just going to be a post about dahlias!)

I may have already posted one version of the dahlia, but here it is three different ways.