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walking to the beach

There are a lot of beaches to check out between Sooke and Port Renfrew.  To get to most of them you have to walk through beautiful forests (downhill all the way, some of the uphill walks on the way back were a killer on… Continue Reading “walking to the beach”

Let’s Go For A Walk in the Woods Today

A collection of a few of my favourite pics taken while walking in the woods…

Perfect location for a scary movie

We were traveling from one inlet to the next, and passed this old cannery on Princess Royal Island.  It spooked me and stirred that part of my imagination that thinks of scary movies.  It would be a perfect location. Remote. Lonely. Old buildings and… Continue Reading “Perfect location for a scary movie”

Creatures of the Forest

Unlike when you are out for a hike where bears could be present and you want to make as much noise as possible so they know they are sharing the forest, when you are bear watching from a zodiac or other boat the goal… Continue Reading “Creatures of the Forest”

My Great Bear Rainforest Adventure – Part 2

The seaplane trip from Prince Rupert to Hartley Bay was 45 minutes – I’m generally not prone to motion sickness but we hit a few air pockets that had my stomach in my mouth, but I managed to pull it together and continue taking… Continue Reading “My Great Bear Rainforest Adventure – Part 2”

walking in the woods

“I have always found thick woods a little intimidating, for they are so secret and enclosed.  You may seem alone but you are not, for there are always eyes watching you.  All the wildlife of the woods, the insects, birds, and animals, are well… Continue Reading “walking in the woods”

Vancouver Island Pics

Since the weather here in Saskatchewan has been more like that of the weather on Vancouver Island, I’ve been going through my pics from trips to Vancouver Island in 2009 and 2011.  It will make me a happy girl to continue to go there… Continue Reading “Vancouver Island Pics”