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getting my hands dirty

Healthy Mindset – Day 12 It was 12 degrees (celsius) on the weekend, and in the sun, it felt more like 25 degrees. That got me dreaming of gardening. Once the warm weather hits, I predict gardening is going to replace bread baking as… Continue Reading “getting my hands dirty”

all these things…

“With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?” ― Oscar Wilde

Angel’s Trumpet

When I pick out my flowers in the spring, I like to choose a few I’ve never planted before or ones I don’t plant every year…this year’s pick was Angel’s Trumpet.  It’s very easy to grow, but when I looked up more information on… Continue Reading “Angel’s Trumpet”

to brighten a cold February day

Just a pretty tulip to brighten a cold February day…  

daisies at Orveas Bay

These are daisies at Orveas Bay Resort on Vancouver Island near Sooke (about 45 minutes from Victoria).  I spent about an hour one morning just wandering around taking pictures of all the daisies on the property.  It was one of my favourite memories of… Continue Reading “daisies at Orveas Bay”

pretty petunias in summer sun

All I could see when I walked in the door was bright summer sunshine on my petunias a few minutes ago….    


Petunias on my balcony…


I always buy one Fuchsia plant for my balcony every spring – two years ago it bloomed well into September, last year it died by this time, and this year it’s hanging in there and is going to erupt in blooms again any day… Continue Reading “fuchsia”

Lake Louise Tulips

Just some pretty tulips spotted by the Chateau Lake Louise sign (I was happier with this picture than with the pictures I took of Lake Louise, actually).

Butchart Gardens Close-ups

A few of my favourite shots from Butchart Gardens in Victoria….