Angel’s Trumpet

When I pick out my flowers in the spring, I like to choose a few I’ve never planted before or ones I don’t plant every year…this year’s pick was Angel’s Trumpet.  It’s very easy to grow, but when I looked up more information on it after I bought it, I discovered it’s actually highly toxic and not recommended if pets and children can come into contact with it.  It’s very pretty, though!

Angel's Trumpet 3

angel's trumpet

Angel's Trumpet 2

daisies at Orveas Bay

featured daisy one daisy three daisies two daisies

These are daisies at Orveas Bay Resort on Vancouver Island near Sooke (about 45 minutes from Victoria).  I spent about an hour one morning just wandering around taking pictures of all the daisies on the property.  It was one of my favourite memories of that trip (and I highly recommend staying at Orveas Bay if you’re ever visiting that part of Vancouver Island).