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sleeping porcupine

I didn’t take many pictures on my Christmas vacation (well, other than family selfies with my new selfie stick, it’s totally ridiculous, but it works!), but we did go out on a short excursion on Boxing Day to Finlayson Island in Battleford. And came… Continue Reading “sleeping porcupine”

November is dreary, so here are some pretty fall colours

To me, November looks like this… It’s sandwiched between the brilliant colours of autumn and the warm, twinkling lights of the Christmas season….since it’s a bit too early for Christmas lights, I still have a few more fall pictures to share from mid-October in… Continue Reading “November is dreary, so here are some pretty fall colours”

Finlayson Island

October’s weather has been nothing short of spectacular throughout Saskatchewan. The petunias are still blooming on my balcony and my cherry tomato plant is still producing – and the number of days I’ve had to wear socks this month is in the single digits!… Continue Reading “Finlayson Island”

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