sunset sail

The number of sleeps until Maui is now in the single digits!  I’ve planned sight-seeing/photography activities for six of the ten days, leaving room to read by the pool, go to the beach, and just generally laze about if that’s what the day feels like. The only activity I’ve booked in advance is a sunset sail from Lahaina.  I love being on the water!

This is a picture I took on a sunset sail in Puerta Vallarta in March 2012 – on that sail dolphins swam along with the boat and there is a pretty good chance we’ll see whales on this sail.

sunset sail, Banderas Bay

wheat field on a dreary Saturday afternoon

As much as I’ve decided that I’m going to get outside more this winter and not complain about how long winter is (I just have to get up the courage to put on the skates I bought recently and go skating for the first time in over twenty years), I miss summer, even the dreary days.

I took a whole bunch of pictures in a wheat field near Regina on a dreary Saturday afternoon in late August – this is one of my favourites.

wheat field near Regina

feels like -43

It’s cold here. The first week of January is always cold.  It’s minus 30, but with the windchill it feels like -43. So, Kaanapali Beach in Maui is looking pretty darn appealing right about now…

Kaanapali Beach in the afternoon - March 2011

Kaanapali Beach in the afternoon – March 2011