Since spring/summer weather was so late to arrive this year, I’m in denial that today is the first day of fall… so here are some pictures from the Summer Solstice at English Bay in Vancouver.  It was a beautiful evening and it felt like everyone in the city was out enjoying the warm summer night. I’m sure over the next few weeks, I will attempt to capture the beauty of fall, but my heart belongs to summer, and it was a memorable start this year.

Summer Solstice English Bay 1 summer solstice Engish Bay 2 Summer Solstice English Bay 3 - Inukshuk

Summer Solstice English Bay 4

Summer Solstice English Bay 5 summer solstice English Bay 6


Sunset Silhouettes @ English Bay

English Bay in Vancouver is one of my favourite places. These shots are from a beautiful Friday evening in June where it seemed like everyone was just happy to be outside enjoying the longest day of the year, watching the sunset at English Bay.  I focused in on these two as I found his body language interesting.  A couple? Friends? First date?

perfect first evening of the summer

Summer solstice English Bay 2Summer Solstice English Bay 3Summer solstice English Bay 4