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…some of the places I’ve been…

Healthy Mindset – Days 20-23 It will be quite awhile before we are able to travel widely again, and while I have lots of thoughts about what it could be like, for now, I thought it could be a nice challenge to pick one… Continue Reading “…some of the places I’ve been…”

Astotin Lake Sunset

“Peace is always beautiful…” Walt Whitman  

sunset is my favourite time of day

Three for three!  This is the third year I’ve been to Elk Island National Park in the last five years on my annual camping trip with my parents. The sunsets here are beautiful. We stayed two nights this year – the first night it… Continue Reading “sunset is my favourite time of day”

Summertime is the best time

Three of my favourite sunset pictures from last year’s summer adventure….I’m on vacation again soon, so won’t be posting anything for a couple of weeks.  Hope to have some summer in Saskatchewan photos to share when I get back!

Elk Island National Park (Astotin Lake Sunset)

Just a picture I thought I posted earlier in the summer.  It’s been a busy summer where other things have taken precedence over photography, so I don’t have a lot of new pictures to post.  When I have had the time and the inclination,… Continue Reading “Elk Island National Park (Astotin Lake Sunset)”

Astotin Lake Sunset

Astotin Lake at Elk Island National Park  in Alberta (approximately 45 minutes east of Edmonton) on the last night of my annual camping adventure with my parents… We saw a lot of wildlife while we were in Jasper National Park (I’ll share pics in… Continue Reading “Astotin Lake Sunset”

Elk Island

Earlier this summer I posted sunset pictures from Elk Island National Park in Alberta, near Edmonton. We stopped there for the night on our way to Jasper. The pictures I took there are some of my favourite I’ve ever taken – just being in… Continue Reading “Elk Island”

Elk Island National Park

  I just got back from my annual camping trip with my parents.  Our main destination this year was Jasper National Park, but on the way we camped at Elk Island National Park for a night. Elk Island is about an hour from Edmonton… Continue Reading “Elk Island National Park”