a country drive

Pictures from last Saturday morning’s drive in the country… the goal was to take pictures of the St. Nicholas Anglican Church near Craven in the Qu’Appelle Valley and see what else we could find along the way (like the donkeys in my last post!).  Off to Montana tomorrow where it’s going to be hot, hot, hot!

St. Nicholas Anglican Church 2

interior St. Nicholas Anglican Church

wild daisies

swaying in the wind

country road

daisies at Orveas Bay

featured daisy one daisy three daisies two daisies

These are daisies at Orveas Bay Resort on Vancouver Island near Sooke (about 45 minutes from Victoria).  I spent about an hour one morning just wandering around taking pictures of all the daisies on the property.  It was one of my favourite memories of that trip (and I highly recommend staying at Orveas Bay if you’re ever visiting that part of Vancouver Island).


Spring will come soon, the snow will melt, puddles will dry up, trees will bud, tulips will emerge from the ground…. But c’mon, more snow? More cold? Soon can’t come soon enough! I need new pictures to post here instead of posting from deep within my photo library! Bleak grey skies and dirty snow don’t inspire me to get my camera out.

So, instead here’s a picture of a daisy, my favourite flower.


Maybe everytime it snows I’ll post pictures of flowers instead…

We had our first snowfall yesterday and I’m so not inspired to take pictures of snow yet. Instead, I was inspired to go through my photo library and look for pictures of flowers I haven’t posted yet… anyone who lived through the Year of Winter 2012-2013 will understand why!

just a daisy Legislative Gardens petunia wasp on a dahlia wild rose


It’s been a really nice summer here this year – lots of sunshine and heat (although I’m not sure I like the really hot days as much as I used to).  The forecast is for a warm September so I hopefully I can make my flowers last a little longer, although the heat and wind have taken their toll.  These are a few pictures I’ve taken in various places in Regina this summer.

Lunch Break Post


Just a quick post while on my lunch break. Daisies are my all-time favourite flowers.

I’m pretty certain I’ve never quoted Drew Barrymore before, but she likes daisies too and said, “daisies are like sunshine to the ground.”

Now I’m off to spend the rest of my lunch break outside. Hope it’s equally as nice outside wherever you are reading this from!