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bright morning sunshine

My last post lamented the onset of fall because it means winter is that much closer…considering we’re in the middle of a heatwave (31 on Thursday is the forecast!) it might have seemed a bit silly.  The optimist in me hopes we don’t have… Continue Reading “bright morning sunshine”

Maybe everytime it snows I’ll post pictures of flowers instead…

We had our first snowfall yesterday and I’m so not inspired to take pictures of snow yet. Instead, I was inspired to go through my photo library and look for pictures of flowers I haven’t posted yet… anyone who lived through the Year of… Continue Reading “Maybe everytime it snows I’ll post pictures of flowers instead…”

dahlias three ways

Did you know that dahlias are the national flower of Mexico? I don’t remember seeing any dahlias in Puerto Vallarta in March, but then again I don’t think I took any flower pictures there.  It was more about eating good food, sticking my toes… Continue Reading “dahlias three ways”

gorgeous weekend

Finally, a beautiful weekend!  The weather was just right – 25 and sunny. The dahlias are still my favourite this year. The tiger lilies are blooming. I’m not really a beer drinker, but this is a light, crisp beer that is refreshing in the… Continue Reading “gorgeous weekend”

Digging in the Dirt – Part 3 (the final edition since I’m done planting now!)

Project planting flowers 2012 is now complete. My back is sore and my wrist is sore from digging in the dirt, but a glass of wine will soon soothe the aches and pains.  Most of the flowers I planted today (more pansies and petunias,… Continue Reading “Digging in the Dirt – Part 3 (the final edition since I’m done planting now!)”