Favourite Day of the Year

Yesterday, when the guy at the greenhouse asked me if I was happy with my purchases as I was leaving, I told him choosing my flowers was one of my favourite days of the year. I planted my flowers today, and enjoyed every minute of digging my hands in the soil, so it’s one of my favourite weekends of the year! I kept to the plan and bought a lot of petunias, along with pansies, geraniums, dahlias, and a few others. (For anyone in Regina, I bought most of my flowers at Cedar Creek Gardens near the old Drive-In. It’s a family run greenhouse in their first operation. They were really friendly and helpful, and have big plans to expand so I hope everything goes well for them this year. They also have a booth at the Farmer’s Market.)

It’s debatable whether it it’s too early to plant, as it’s been a very chilly Spring (maybe by the end of the week there will actually be leaves on the trees!) but what the heck, what’s the worst that can happen?!

gerbera daisy 2014 more pansies 2014 pansy 2014 pink geraniums 2014 pink petunia 2014 striped pansy 2014

anxiously awaiting the colours of spring and summer

The sky is a brilliant blue today, and it’s a balmy -28 degrees (-38 with the windchill) and these Blue Rodeo lyrics (song is “Get Through To You”) are going through my head:

Looks like winter’s never gonna leave this grey town
I think it’s going to snow all summer

Okay, I know winter will end at some point, but once again, it’s a Sunday that is too cold to go out and take pictures, so I’m thinking about the colours of spring and summer today. I went looking through my photo library for pictures with bright, brilliant colours…

North Saskatchewan River sunset - iphone pic
sunset over the North Saskatchewan River
Cypress Hills trees
sun streaming through the trees – looking up from lawn chair in the campsite at Cypress Hills
flower in mom's garden
flower in Mom’s garden
flowers in Prince Rupert
flowers in Prince Rupert, BC
mom and dad's backyard
Robin’s nest in Mom and Dad’s backyard
spring walk in Wascana Park
sunfower in farmer's field
sunflower in farmer’s field in Southern Saskatchewan

Things I do to distract myself while doing the dishes

I don’t like doing dishes.  Tonight, while I was standing in the kitchen doing dishes, I happened to turn around and saw a pretty nice sunset developing outside my living room window.  So, I dried my hands, grabbed my cameras (I’m trying out a new one), opened my balcony door (it was about -16 at the time) and started snapping pictures.  Once my feet got too cold, I closed the door and noticed there was nice light and cool shadows on my bookshelf, so I took a few more pictures.  I went back to doing the dishes, but the light was changing quickly, so I dried my hands again, opened the door, and snapped a few more.  I repeated this ritual a couple of more times, until finally the sun set, my sock-less feet were turning blue and the water in the sink was cold.

Soon it will be warm enough to stand on my balcony in bare feet, right? (Update on Friday….with the windchill, it is going to feel like -50 later this evening.  Bare feet will have to wait!)

February 27 sunsetFebruary 27 sunset 3 Feburary 27 sunset 2February 27 sunset 4February 27 sunset 5

Sunset Walk

I’ve been experimenting in Photoshop lately, and these photos are the ones I’m willing to share…so far!  These are from a walk around Wascana Park in early October where the reward at the end of the walk was a beautiful sky at sunset.

Clouds over Wascana Lake - edited version wascana lake walk - edited version

flowers for a Monday in January

Just some flower pictures for a wintery Monday…

Vivid colour in Victoria Park, late July
Vivid colour in Victoria Park, late July
Rose in the Legistlative Garden on Labour Day
Rose in the Legistlative Garden on Labour Day
Look-out Point at Cypress Hills
Look-out Point at Cypress Hills
Geraniums on my balcony
Geraniums on my balcony
Taking pictures of flowers in Vancouver...
Taking pictures of flowers in Vancouver…

Saturday Night Sunset

I was making supper on Saturday night and happened to look out the window and this is what I saw….so of course I turned down the burner on the stove, and went out and stood on my balcony (bare feet on cold concrete is a little chilly) to get a few pictures. This repeated itself a few times as the colour in the sky changed.  Not the most relaxing supper, but you do what you gotta do sometimes (and I only noticed how cold my feet were after I was done taking pictures!).

Saturday Night Sunset 3Saturday Night SunsetSaturday Night Sunset 2