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a perfect cup

There are few things more inviting than a perfect cup of coffee on a cold winter’s day.. Here’s a fun fact… for a few years after university I was an assistant manager at a Second Cup cafe. The pay was bad, but the job… Continue Reading “a perfect cup”

Shirley Delicious

To get to Orveas Bay Resort you take a left turn at Shirley Delicious if you are coming from Sooke.  Shirley is the name of the district between Sooke and Jordan River, hence the name Shirley Delicious.  This little cafe is a gem. We… Continue Reading “Shirley Delicious”

lazy Sunday reading

When this is what you wake up to on a Sunday morning: City of Regina 6:13 AM CST Sunday 26 January 2014 Blowing snow warning for City of Regina continued A strong Arctic cold front has pushed across Southern Saskatchewan this morning. This front… Continue Reading “lazy Sunday reading”

Coffee Break

I worked the weekend, so I’m off today and thought I would tackle some spring cleaning projects (ie. organizing my storage closet where everything I didn’t know what to do with this winter ended up).  My reward for my efforts was enjoying afternoon coffee… Continue Reading “Coffee Break”


Mmmm…a perfect cappuccino…

Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading

Paged through this on my coffee break and it looks to be a fun read full of travel tips and anecdotes. It’s supposed to be a cool, rainy weekend here so I’m looking forward to reading this while drinking a good cup of coffee.