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summer snaps

A collection of scenes and things that captured my interest in the month of July…    

a Tuesday sunset

When the temperature is -40 degrees celsius are there nice sunsets? I realized during the last couple of weeks when it’s been so cold I haven’t paid attention to what it looked like outside. Like everyone else, I’ve  just been scurrying from Point A… Continue Reading “a Tuesday sunset”

into the storm

What a summer it’s been for storms on the prairies!  Here’s a shot of storm clouds from the side of the road near Gull Lake, Saskatchewan on Saturday morning.

What caught my eye this week

I took my camera out of my purse quite often this week…here’s a smattering of what caught my eye…

you are the sky

You Are the Sky. Everything Else Is Just the Weather – Pema Chodron

beauty of open space

The question is not what you look at, but what you see. – Thoreau I don’t understand people who don’t see the beauty of the prairies! So, if you’re not from here, and you happen to be driving through Saskatchewan on your summer vacation,… Continue Reading “beauty of open space”

I love a sunny day

Like this one, last Sunday…here’s to many more this summer…

toes in the sand, watching a sunset (there’s nowhere else I’d rather be)

What’s better than sitting on the beach, toes stuck in the sand, listening to the waves, maybe seeing a whale off in the distance, feeling a nice breeze, and watching the sky change before you?  A sunset can be beautiful no matter where you… Continue Reading “toes in the sand, watching a sunset (there’s nowhere else I’d rather be)”

top of the world

Most, if not all, of the Maui guidebooks will tell you a must-see on your visit to the island is Haleakala National Park, preferably at sunrise. The volcano (which last erupted in the late 1700s) makes up more than 75% of the island and… Continue Reading “top of the world”

outside my window

There’s always a camera on the arm of the chair in my living room so when I see something outside my window, I’m ready to go.  These are some of the the images I’ve captured in the last couple of weeks…