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Healthy Mindset – Weeks 16 & 17 It’s been an amazing couple of weeks for cloud photography in and around Regina. These pics are from about two weeks ago – standing in the middle of a gravel road marvelling at all the different cloud… Continue Reading “Clouds”

land of living skies

Land of Living Skies is the slogan that’s been on Saskatchewan license plates since 1998 and yesterday’s sky lived up to the name.  Yesterday’s photography excursion was cold and miserable, but really enjoyable at same time.  I knelt in that field of wheat for… Continue Reading “land of living skies”

clouds on the prairies

Since I seem to be on a cloud kick lately, here’s a picture from Sunday afternoon.  The clouds were amazing that day (this is outside Regina near Pilot Butte).

favourite prairie landscape

This is what summer in Saskatchewan looks like to me.