The Enchanted Forest

My favourite family vacation almost came to a tragic end at the Enchanted Forest, near Revelstoke, British Columbia.  My mom, dad, brother (with a box of comics between us in the backseat) and I had just finished walking through the Enchanted Forest and piled into our two door blue Dodge Aspen, pulling our Boler trailer, when I became hysterical at the sight of a spider inside the car (I was five or six at the time) which caused my dad to almost veer across the road, and  plunge down a cliff, which surely would have lead to our demise. This is how I remember the scene, and it’s a story I’ve repeated for many years.  We also visited Bedrock City, a Flintstones theme park, and Old MacDonald’s Farm in Kelowna, and camped near Okanagan Lake where I hoped to spot the legendary lake monster, Ogopogo.

Alas, the two theme parks no longer exist, but the Enchanted Forest still beckons weary travellers on the Trans Canada Highway to stop and walk through an old growth forest full of delightful fairy tale characters.  This summer, I wanted to see if it was as magical as I remembered.

Here’s how the Enchanted Forest started..

how it began

And some of the scenes you’ll see…

cow jumped over the moon

there was an old woman 1red doortea for twodwarfsstorkTortoise and the hareMary, Mary

old woman hat

not sure about this one
Not sure which fairy tale this is?

Wedding partygingerbread man and foxwolftroll under the bridgepeaking out the windowwingsfollow the yellow brick road

Oh, and as we pulled out of the parking lot, I made sure to note just how far down that cliff was…..there was no cliff.

lost balloon

If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older

-Tom Stoppard

I don’t interpret this quote as we never grow up, it’s that we are lucky if we can carry within us those memories of childhood that were innocent, carefree, and full of wonder. I think it’s important to carry that with you at every age and stage of your life. Grow up, but don’t let yourself get old, which I’ve always thought happens when you let yourself become jaded and hardened by life.

I’ve always felt like I was encouraged to use my imagination so I enjoy photography because I can share how I see the world around me which, most of the time, is a pretty amazing place – and that’s why I started this blog a few years ago.

lost balloon

I took a picture of this balloon because it reminded me of a losing a balloon (I think it was a red balloon, but I could be making that part up) at Kinsmen Park in Saskatoon. I don’t think I was older than 4, and when I got out of the backseat of the car, I must have let go of the balloon (maybe I was excited to see the carousel) and watched it soar higher and higher up in the sky. I’m sure I cried.

Anyway, when I saw this balloon (I took this picture on the first warm day in March this year) it made me think of that. It’s not bad a memory, it’s just one of those random childhood memories that I’ve never forgotten!