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football players have the nicest arms

This is a bit of a silly post, but it’s summer, it’s hot outside, and I’ve been busy at work, so a little fun is in order.  The Roughriders may be 0 and 3 to start the season and the crowd at tomorrow night’s… Continue Reading “football players have the nicest arms”

Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field on a Saturday Night

8 o’clock start time meant there was nice light at the beginning of the game… Turned out to be a nice night to watch football and the ‘Riders won which is even better! I’ll miss Taylor Field when the new stadium is done in… Continue Reading “Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field on a Saturday Night”

Rider Pride

The Canadian Football League season is in full-swing now, and my team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders, is the best team in the league right now, after a sub-par season last year.  If you aren’t familiar with the CFL, it’s an eight team professional football league… Continue Reading “Rider Pride”

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