Elk Island National Park (Astotin Lake Sunset)

Just a picture I thought I posted earlier in the summer.  It’s been a busy summer where other things have taken precedence over photography, so I don’t have a lot of new pictures to post.  When I have had the time and the inclination, the sky has been a smoky haze from forest fires. There was just no escaping it this summer, first from fires in Northern Saskatchewan in July, then just last week from the Northwestern US (plus it was very hazy in Montana from fires in Glacier National Park during a trip there on the first weekend in August).

Hopefully, the upcoming fall colours will provide renewed inspiration.

Elk Island National Park, near Edmonton, where the park is full of bison, not elk!
Elk Island National Park, near Edmonton, where the park is full of bison, not elk! It’s such a pretty lake, and the two times I’ve been there, has proven to be a beautiful spot to watch a sunset.

Bow Lake

This is the first full day of my annual camping adventure with Mom and Dad – this year we’re in Banff. We spent the day driving towards the Columbia Icefields and stopping for any promising photo opportunities. I’ll have a picture of a black bear I took with my Nikon d7000 to post when I get home. For now, this is Bow Lake…


Athabasca Falls

I haven’t posted any pics from my camping trip with my parents to Jasper in July lately so here are a few from Athabasca Falls. The falls were quite close to the campground we were staying at so it was our first touristy stop.  It was a rainy day and raining the evening before when we arrived so I was a bit worried we were in for a rain-filled week.  I do a love rainy day, but of course when it’s raining in the mountains, those mountains are hidden and it’s also more challenging to take pictures in the rain (a plastic bag and tea towel were hastily put together) and my dad and I planned to take a lot of pictures on this trip.  The rain did eventually stop and the temperature ended up being quite comfortable for sight seeing and short hikes.

As much as I like checking out the sights, I also enjoy people watching, especially other tourists!  A few years ago when I was visiting Yellowstone and walking back to the car after checking out the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, a middle-aged couple were pulling into the parking lot, the driver rolled down his window and asked how far it was to the first look-out point.  I said it was a quick two minute walk, he said “Really? That’s too far for us to walk” and drove off!  Really?  It made me wonder what else they missed out on while they were in Yellowstone.

Anyway, here are the Athabasca Falls pictures and one of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

clark’s nutcracker

According to the Jasper guidebook I had handy on the trip, this is a Clark’s Nutcracker.  These were taken at the Endless Chain mountain road side pull-out on the Icefields Parkway between Jasper and Banff. I really wanted to see mountain goats on this trip, but they proved elusive. I settled for buying an art print of a mountain goat at a store in Jasper.

Elk Island National Park


I just got back from my annual camping trip with my parents.  Our main destination this year was Jasper National Park, but on the way we camped at Elk Island National Park for a night. Elk Island is about an hour from Edmonton and is a less busy park than Banff and Jasper. After supper we went for a walk along the shores of Astotin Lake, one of the prettiest lakes I’ve seen. We had a good experience in this area – a problem with the brake lights on the camper meant we ended up in the small town of Lamont, Alberta to try to get it fixed before we got back on the busy Yellowhead Highway to Jasper. Dad asked for some advice on where to go to get it fixed at the campground office so we headed for Lamont at 8am the next day. The mechanic who ended up fixing it was excellent and his customer service was awesome. We were back on the road by 11:30am.