a bridge to watch the sunset

The pedestrian bridge over the North Saskatchewan River between Battleford and North Battleford has become one of my favourite places to photograph.  If you’re ever in the area make sure to take in the sunset from the bridge. I’ve been visiting this area of Saskatchewan since birth, really, but it’s only in the last few years that I’ve appreciated how scenic it is (and it definitely correlates to when I began pursuing my photography hobby).

Battleford pedestrian bridgeBattleford pedestrian bridge 3Battleford Pedestrian bridge 2Battleford pedestrian bridge 7Battleford pedestrian bridge 8Battleford pedestrian bridge 4


Battleford, SK

A few photos I took on my Christmas vacation….

Battleford Fire Brigade Battleford, Sk 2 Fred Light MuseumBattleford, Sk Bridge in Battleford

Now on to one of my favourite months – January! Really, I do like January. Calling it one of my favourite months might be pushing it a bit, but I don’t hate it! (This is a relatively new thing, I used to hate it).

Yes, it’s cold (frigidly so). Yes, the days are short (but they are getting longer). Yes, there’s the after Christmas lull to deal with (and it’s worse if you keep putting off taking the Christmas tree down, I actually took mine down on New Year’s Day which is the earliest I’ve ever done that).  But this is also the month for a fresh start and to think about what you want the next year to be like.  It’s a great month for hunkering down and watching movies, listening to music, and reading. And drinking lots of coffee (three cups today…let’s see if I sleep tonight!).  If you can get past the cold, January really isn’t too bad… March is the month I hate!


This is the time of year when everything starts to turn to gold.  Spring and summer are my favourite seasons, but I have to admit this is a pretty time of the year (although not here today as it’s windy, grey, and wet).  November and March are my least favourite months of the year – November is usually windy, cold, and snowy (although the Roughriders usually make the playoffs so they are a good distraction). I’m just waiting for the multi-coloured lights of December that start appearing in living room windows, on trees and houses and yards that reflect so beautifully in the snow.  March is just blah, blah, blah.  I think winter should be over and I start looking forward to spring, but March is just such a long month!

Anyway…I will enjoy the golden hues of the season, and hope for a very short and mild winter.

I'm pretty sure I have pictures of these columns in every season!
I’m pretty sure I have pictures of these columns in every season!
one of my favourite colours
one of my favourite colours
Wascana Creek looks pretty in the fall light....
Wascana Creek looks pretty in the fall light….
another of my favourite places in Regina to photograph
another of my favourite places in Regina to photograph

Albert Street Bridge

Spring has arrived!  The snow is melting and the days are getting longer so I think it’s safe to say that this longer winter is finally coming to an end.   I took a lot of pictures this weekend and it felt great to not have freezing fingers as I held my camera!  These are pictures from the Albert Street Bridge.  I take a lot of pictures of the bridge at different times of the year, but I think these are my favourite. Albert Street Bridge 1

Albert Street Bridge 4 Albert Street Bridge 3

Albert Street Bridge 2


Today’s theme is the colour green. I promised myself I wasn’t going to get carried away with the artistic effect, but the first picture was originally somewhat out of focus, and I like how it looks with the effect.


Somewhere in Pacific Rim National Park trying to find a hiking trail, Vancouver Island.


Underneath the Broadway Bridge, Saskatoon


Near the Saskatchewan/North Dakota border (on the Sask side, if I remember correctly).


Wandering around Old Havana, February 2009.


Saskatchewan Roughriders game from 2010, I think. (Don’t remember taking any pictures last year, likely because the team was so bad. Here’s hoping for better things this year).