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lazy Sunday reading

When this is what you wake up to on a Sunday morning: City of Regina 6:13 AM CST Sunday 26 January 2014 Blowing snow warning for City of Regina continued A strong Arctic cold front has pushed across Southern Saskatchewan this morning. This front… Continue Reading “lazy Sunday reading”

a good book

A good book is a good book, wherever you are reading it, but a good book enjoyed while sitting outside is one of my favourite things.  These are pics taken during a trip to Cypress Hills this past summer when I was taking a… Continue Reading “a good book”

Coffee Break

I worked the weekend, so I’m off today and thought I would tackle some spring cleaning projects (ie. organizing my storage closet where everything I didn’t know what to do with this winter ended up).  My reward for my efforts was enjoying afternoon coffee… Continue Reading “Coffee Break”

Weekend Reading

These are some of the books I’ve accumulated in my office this week.  I definitely won’t read them all this weekend, but it’s a sampling of some of my current interests – reading about the northern rainforest in preparation for my dream trip in… Continue Reading “Weekend Reading”

Books In My Office 2

I have a vacation coming up in a week or so and am starting to collect books in my office to take on the trip. I’ll likely end up taking three or four after reading a few pages of each to make sure I… Continue Reading “Books In My Office 2”

sick day

I have a cold.  It’s your regular, run of the mill cold – itchy watery eyes, runny nose, aches, pains and fever and no energy. I’m feeling pretty miserable right now.  To make matters worse I can’t sleep because new windows are getting installed… Continue Reading “sick day”

books in my office

These are some of the books I’ve collected in my office. Since I work in a library, it’s very easy to grab a book any time… and I do that often!

Summer Reading

I’m going camping in a week. One of my favourite parts about camping is reading by the campfire until the last bit of sun is gone. Not sure I’ll have room in my luggage for all these books, though!


This is my week of work where I only have one day off.  I’m anticipating an interesting week, so I wanted to get all the usual errands done, but also have some down time.  I ended up taking a bunch of pictures around my… Continue Reading “playing”

library books

I work in a public library. These are some of the books I currently have checked out…I think right now I have 31 items on my card.  I’m also reading The Secret Garden on my iPad. Two questions…what are you reading right now?  How… Continue Reading “library books”