sleeping porcupine

I didn’t take many pictures on my Christmas vacation (well, other than family selfies with my new selfie stick, it’s totally ridiculous, but it works!), but we did go out on a short excursion on Boxing Day to Finlayson Island in Battleford.

And came upon a porcupine sleeping in a tree. You just never know what subjects you’re going to come across to photograph.

sleeping porcupine 1 sleeping porcupine

Finlayson Island

October’s weather has been nothing short of spectacular throughout Saskatchewan. The petunias are still blooming on my balcony and my cherry tomato plant is still producing – and the number of days I’ve had to wear socks this month is in the single digits!

I was in Battleford on the weekend and went to Finlayson Island for a walk with my Mom and Dad and Max the poodle on Saturday morning.  I enjoyed the walk, but the pics I took were nothing special so I decided to have a bit of fun adding different filters and effects to try to make them more interesting.

Finlayson Island 1 Finlayson Island 2 Finlayson Island 3

Battleford, SK

A few photos I took on my Christmas vacation….

Battleford Fire Brigade Battleford, Sk 2 Fred Light MuseumBattleford, Sk Bridge in Battleford

Now on to one of my favourite months – January! Really, I do like January. Calling it one of my favourite months might be pushing it a bit, but I don’t hate it! (This is a relatively new thing, I used to hate it).

Yes, it’s cold (frigidly so). Yes, the days are short (but they are getting longer). Yes, there’s the after Christmas lull to deal with (and it’s worse if you keep putting off taking the Christmas tree down, I actually took mine down on New Year’s Day which is the earliest I’ve ever done that).  But this is also the month for a fresh start and to think about what you want the next year to be like.  It’s a great month for hunkering down and watching movies, listening to music, and reading. And drinking lots of coffee (three cups today…let’s see if I sleep tonight!).  If you can get past the cold, January really isn’t too bad… March is the month I hate!