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Classic Canadiana

A glimpse of the Banff Springs Hotel (someday I’ll stay here, but a visit to the Rundle Lounge in the Hotel is the next best thing!) And further down the road, a sliver of beautiful Lake Louise…. Since this is the first of my… Continue Reading “Classic Canadiana”

mountains of Banff

It was a hot, dry, summer in Western Canada, and as a result there were a lot of forest fires.  Prior to our camping trip to Banff in August, it had been so smoky that the highway between Banff, and Radium, British Columbia had… Continue Reading “mountains of Banff”

Canada 150 – My Beautiful Country

Summer in Canada to me means going somewhere and seeing some of my beautiful country.  Canada is such a wonderfully diverse country and I appreciate it all…prairies, mountains, ocean, and our cities, too. I’ve only been as far east as Quebec City, and would… Continue Reading “Canada 150 – My Beautiful Country”

Lake Louise

…a classic Canadian scene…Lake Louise, late October 2012

stopping on the side of the Trans-Canada Highway to take pictures of wildlife

Since it’s always good to have something to aim for, I have a list in my head of things I’d like to take pictures of.  I like animals, so there are a lot of animals on that list. Whenever I’m in the mountains, I’m… Continue Reading “stopping on the side of the Trans-Canada Highway to take pictures of wildlife”

clouds in nice light in Banff

A similar pic to the last one I posted of clouds from Sulphur Mountain in Banff, but I liked the light so much I wanted to share another one.

Sulphur Mountain

Pretty drive up Sulphur Mountain to see if the Banff Upper Hot Springs were re-opened (they weren’t).  I really like the way the clouds and the trees look in this picture.  As a travel tip, there is a nice hotel called the Rimrock Resort… Continue Reading “Sulphur Mountain”

Banff Springs Continued

I was actually pretty happy that it snowed in Banff, everything looked so pretty.

Banff Springs

I didn’t do too much planning for the trip to Banff so there were only  two things on my must do list – go to Lake Louise and actually go into the Banff Springs Hotel and wander around instead of just admiring it from… Continue Reading “Banff Springs”

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is one of the most photographed lakes in the world. It is a spectacular setting and even if you’re not staying at the Chateau Lake Louise, you can have a drink in the Lounge with this as your view. (This was taken… Continue Reading “Lake Louise”