Saturday Night Sunset

I was making supper on Saturday night and happened to look out the window and this is what I saw….so of course I turned down the burner on the stove, and went out and stood on my balcony (bare feet on cold concrete is a little chilly) to get a few pictures. This repeated itself a few times as the colour in the sky changed.  Not the most relaxing supper, but you do what you gotta do sometimes (and I only noticed how cold my feet were after I was done taking pictures!).

Saturday Night Sunset 3Saturday Night SunsetSaturday Night Sunset 2


Thanksgiving Day Morning Walk

I went for a walk this morning with the intention of finally getting some fall pictures and was happy to discover a beautiful maple tree I’ve never noticed before behind Darke Hall at the University of Regina’s College Avenue Campus…

College Avenue Campus
College Avenue Campus, University of Regina

new favourite tree 2 new favourite tree 3 new favourite treemaple leaves


This is the time of year when everything starts to turn to gold.  Spring and summer are my favourite seasons, but I have to admit this is a pretty time of the year (although not here today as it’s windy, grey, and wet).  November and March are my least favourite months of the year – November is usually windy, cold, and snowy (although the Roughriders usually make the playoffs so they are a good distraction). I’m just waiting for the multi-coloured lights of December that start appearing in living room windows, on trees and houses and yards that reflect so beautifully in the snow.  March is just blah, blah, blah.  I think winter should be over and I start looking forward to spring, but March is just such a long month!

Anyway…I will enjoy the golden hues of the season, and hope for a very short and mild winter.

I'm pretty sure I have pictures of these columns in every season!
I’m pretty sure I have pictures of these columns in every season!
one of my favourite colours
one of my favourite colours
Wascana Creek looks pretty in the fall light....
Wascana Creek looks pretty in the fall light….
another of my favourite places in Regina to photograph
another of my favourite places in Regina to photograph

colours of fall

These are mostly pictures I took this morning. I went for a walk, not really planning what I wanted to take pictures of and found a tree with brilliant red leaves. That inspired me to try to get enough pictures to do a “colours of fall” post.  When you really look at your surroundings, beauty can be found all around.


Brrr….there was a bit of snow here this morning.  It melted as soon as it hit the ground… I really don’t mind snow… but it’s too early! I still haven’t gotten around to cleaning up all my flowers (although the garden mum still looks great) and took these petunia pictures early last week.

I played around with these ones…