Went to Paris for the Seine

It’s been an eventful year, and the other day, I was lamenting the fact that I haven’t taken that many photos this year compared to other years.  But, then one of my Paris pictures popped up on my screensaver, and I remembered I WAS THERE in the Spring! And, I took a lot of pictures!  Posts are likely to remain sporadic for the next while as I continue with work and pursue Life Coach training on the side, but it’s important to me to also at least dabble on the creative side.

Paris was all about spending as much time near, and on, the Seine, as possible, and the pictures I took reflected that.  When you visit any new city, especially one like Paris, it’s impossible to see and do everything, so you pick and choose the things you think you’ll enjoy the most, and living in land-locked Saskatchewan, that meant being near the water.

River Seine from two of the high vantage points in Paris…up the 422 stairs of the Notre Dame Towers, and the Eiffel Tower.

view from Towers of Notre Dame 2view from Towers of Notre Dameview from Towers of Notre Dame 1from the Eiffel Tower

Views of Paris from the Seine on three different tours…tour boat, Batobus (the boat bus), and an evening cruise.

from the tourist boat
Nice reminder of visiting New Orleans listening to this brass band

on the tourist boatfrom the tourist boat 3on the tourist boat 2evening cruise

From the Pont des Arts Bridge (thought I’d read that all the locks had been removed but there were still quite a few all along the bridge).

pont des arts bridge 1pont des arts bridge 2Pont des arts bridge

Walking along the Seine…

walking along the seine 2walking along the seine 4

Saturday morning stroll
spot the sun worshipper in the red speedo…

walking along the seine 3walking along the seinewalking along the seine 5

Morning coffee view from the apartment…

from apartment window

And ending a day of exploring…




Old Quebec

When I was a little kid, we had to drive long distances to visit relatives.  I used to wish there was a fast forward button so we could just get there.  On this rainy, dreary April Sunday afternoon, I would use that fast forward button to go to Quebec City, specifically Old Quebec. I loved everything about it when I was there in 2010.  Every meal was delicious, the coffee was the best I’ve ever drank, and I loved the architecture. I can’t decide if I’d go there in summer or in winter for the annual Quebec Winter Carnival. I think that would be a pretty time to visit, too.

Old Quebec 1 Old Quebec 2 Old Quebec 3 Old Quebec 4 Old Quebec 6 Old Quebec 7 Old Quebec



Battleford, SK

A few photos I took on my Christmas vacation….

Battleford Fire Brigade Battleford, Sk 2 Fred Light MuseumBattleford, Sk Bridge in Battleford

Now on to one of my favourite months – January! Really, I do like January. Calling it one of my favourite months might be pushing it a bit, but I don’t hate it! (This is a relatively new thing, I used to hate it).

Yes, it’s cold (frigidly so). Yes, the days are short (but they are getting longer). Yes, there’s the after Christmas lull to deal with (and it’s worse if you keep putting off taking the Christmas tree down, I actually took mine down on New Year’s Day which is the earliest I’ve ever done that).  But this is also the month for a fresh start and to think about what you want the next year to be like.  It’s a great month for hunkering down and watching movies, listening to music, and reading. And drinking lots of coffee (three cups today…let’s see if I sleep tonight!).  If you can get past the cold, January really isn’t too bad… March is the month I hate!

City Square Plaza

Regina’s City Square Plaza is a controversial space for a lot of different reasons – for me the three biggest are that it was massively over budget, cars and pedestrians share the space which in my opinion is a recipe for disaster, and the architectural features are ugly.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually think the plaza is a good idea, I just have issues with the execution.

There are now food trucks on the plaza, salsa dancing lessons on Thursday nights, noon hour entertainment, and of course, the Farmer’s Market on Wednesday and Saturday mornings now has a tonne of space (plus the Night Market once  a month on Thursdays was an awesome idea) – so the optimist in me hopes that in time it will evolve into an even better space.  And, in the right light, it does look sort of nice… I took these with my iPhone on Tuesday night at about 6pm.

looking West on the Plaza
looking West on the Plaza
looking West on the Plaza
looking West on the Plaza – slighty different from the first pic
looking West on the Plaza at Cornwall Street
looking East on the Plaza at Cornwall Street

City Square Plaza  at Cornwall Street

I still think the architectural features are ugly :)
I still think the architectural features are ugly 🙂
checking out the Plaza from Victoria Park
view from Victoria Park


This is the time of year when everything starts to turn to gold.  Spring and summer are my favourite seasons, but I have to admit this is a pretty time of the year (although not here today as it’s windy, grey, and wet).  November and March are my least favourite months of the year – November is usually windy, cold, and snowy (although the Roughriders usually make the playoffs so they are a good distraction). I’m just waiting for the multi-coloured lights of December that start appearing in living room windows, on trees and houses and yards that reflect so beautifully in the snow.  March is just blah, blah, blah.  I think winter should be over and I start looking forward to spring, but March is just such a long month!

Anyway…I will enjoy the golden hues of the season, and hope for a very short and mild winter.

I'm pretty sure I have pictures of these columns in every season!
I’m pretty sure I have pictures of these columns in every season!
one of my favourite colours
one of my favourite colours
Wascana Creek looks pretty in the fall light....
Wascana Creek looks pretty in the fall light….
another of my favourite places in Regina to photograph
another of my favourite places in Regina to photograph

Albert Street Bridge

Spring has arrived!  The snow is melting and the days are getting longer so I think it’s safe to say that this longer winter is finally coming to an end.   I took a lot of pictures this weekend and it felt great to not have freezing fingers as I held my camera!  These are pictures from the Albert Street Bridge.  I take a lot of pictures of the bridge at different times of the year, but I think these are my favourite. Albert Street Bridge 1

Albert Street Bridge 4 Albert Street Bridge 3

Albert Street Bridge 2

Plaza de la Catedral (Cathedral Square), Havana

In Feburary 2009 we went to Varadero, Cuba for our winter vacation.  Cuba is an interesting place to take pictures, and even though it wasn’t my favourite destination, I would like to go back just to take pictures (also because I think I’m a better photographer now and have a better camera!).  It’s a very colourful place. We spent an afternoon in Havana, which was way too short, but we did manage to wander around through the most historic part of the city.  These are pictures from Plaza de la Catedral in late afternoon.