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What a beautiful early spring Sunday! This friendly neighbourhood squirrel certainly looks like it had a good winter and is just as happy it’s spring as we all are… If you’ve visited before, I hope you like the changes to my site.  I’ve been… Continue Reading “spring!”

Artistic Effect

Just was playing around with the Artistic Effect in iPhoto on my iPad with these photos from the Great Bear Rainforest.  I probably rely on the effect a little too much for photos that don’t quite turn out, but it’s the closest I’ll ever… Continue Reading “Artistic Effect”

Sunday Morning Miscellany

A lazy Sunday morning seems like a good time to post a few miscellaneous pictures. I’ll likely do another “Photography Lessons – Things I’ve Learned” post soon as I feel like I’ve learned a lot this summer, but this morning I just feel like… Continue Reading “Sunday Morning Miscellany”

Photography Lessons – Patience and Persistence

I’ve learned a lot of photography lessons this summer.  The first two are patience and persistence.  These occurred many times on my trip to the Great Bear Rainforest in mid-June with Ocean Adventures. The most memorable one was when we were on the zodiac… Continue Reading “Photography Lessons – Patience and Persistence”

Creatures of the Forest

Unlike when you are out for a hike where bears could be present and you want to make as much noise as possible so they know they are sharing the forest, when you are bear watching from a zodiac or other boat the goal… Continue Reading “Creatures of the Forest”

Fuzzy the Young Grizzly

This is Part 3 of my adventures in the Great Bear Rainforest. We spent two nights at our first anchorage. This was one of the views… We found Fuzzy the three year old Grizzly Trish and Eric have been following since he was a… Continue Reading “Fuzzy the Young Grizzly”

Safe Passage

There is an abundance of wildlife in Banff National Park and there is also a major highway (The TransCanada) running through the park connecting Banff and Lake Louise.  In order to to give the bears, wolves, elk, moose and all the other wildlife an… Continue Reading “Safe Passage”

hi there!

Back from my vacation and have one more day off to do laundry, groceries…all the usual post vacation tasks.  I just started going through my pictures and wanted to share this one…this little guy popped his head up, just waiting to get his picture… Continue Reading “hi there!”

Goats in Wascana Centre

As a pilot project, goats were brought into Wascana Centre to deal with the overgrowth of vegetation in the park. What a great idea! Today was an opportunity to check out the goats and see what the project is all about. The farmer who… Continue Reading “Goats in Wascana Centre”