sunny days

We are in the midst of a spring heatwave here…so, after soaking up the sun, it’s nice to just hang out in the shade, too…

soaking up the sun (1)

 tortoises soaking up the sun at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans (or are they turtles? I never know the difference!)

safe in the shade-3

squirrel in Regina, just hanging out in a tree

Squirrel Poses

It’s not that I love squirrels, it’s just that they pose so nicely for pictures…. (and I love how it doesn’t even look like winter here in these pictures!  It was so nice to hear birds chirping and squirrels scurrying like it was Spring here on the weekend).

ways of dealing with things…

You could be stoic…

serious Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl Interpretative Centre, Moose Jaw, SK

You could just let it all out…

sometimes you just have to let it out

Whistler Campground, Jasper National Park

Or just be cute and hope someone helps you out…

Oh...hi there!

on the way to Miette Hot Springs, Jasper National Park

Just hang out and watch the world go by…

I know you're taking my picture, I'm ignoring you

Whistlers Campground, Jasper National Park


Yum..I love snacks

Regina, SK

Or just have a nice long nap…

sleeping porcupine

Boxing Day sleeping porcupine, Battleford, SK

It’s your choice!


Donkey close-ups on a Saturday morning

I’ve likely said it previously, but animals have become my favourite subject matter to photograph. Saturday’s plan was take pictures of a little church on the prairies near Regina that I spotted last year, but the road to get to it had been washed out. After successfully finding the church, and enjoying the peacefulness of the scenery, we set out to see what else we could find to photograph. We were driving down a dirt road where I was hoping to spot an owl on a fence post, when we came across these donkeys.  I’m always excited to add new animals to my photo library! As soon as I got out of the car, they wandered over and one obviously let it be known it would happily pose for pictures.  I didn’t realize what friendly and curious animals donkeys are (at least these two were!).  That’s the fun of photography – you just never know what you’ll find.

in your face donkey

donkey posing

pretty donkeyscurious donkeys

curious donkey


What a beautiful early spring Sunday! This friendly neighbourhood squirrel certainly looks like it had a good winter and is just as happy it’s spring as we all are…Hi there - I'm back Mr. Squirrel likes to pose springtime squirrel

If you’ve visited before, I hope you like the changes to my site.  I’ve been sharing photos, thoughts, and quotes for the past few years now and it was time to refresh things a bit.